25 Proven Home Remedies for Irregular Periods – Reasons and Precautions to Maintain a Regular Menstrual Cycle Naturally

Home Remedies for Irregular Periods

Irregular periods, or oligomenorrhea, are a cause for concern as well as being inconvenient for many women today. In today’s active lifestyle, a woman experiencing irregular bleeding faces numerous challenges and an unprecedented depth of anxiety. Home remedies for irregular periods are surprisingly easy to prepare and the ingredients are almost always readily present in the kitchen. With so much being spent every year on innumerable medications and health check-ups, sometimes with little or no relief, one cannot help but revert back to the cozy nooks of the kitchen that houses several amazing ingredients that have withstood the tests and cynicism of skeptics.

Causes of irregular periods:

  1. Excessive changes in weight.
  2. Sudden trips.
  3. Hormonal issues.
  4. PCOS, pelvic health issues.
  5.  Over exercising.
  6. Stress.
  7. Contraceptive drugs.
  8. Eating disorders.
  9. Breastfeeding.
  10.  Lifestyle.

Symptoms of irregular periods:

  1. Unpredictable, prolonged periods.
  2. Endometriosis.
  3. Hypothyroidism.
  4. Hyperthyroidism.
  5. Ovarian cysts.
  6. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID).
  7. Obesity.
  8. Infertility.
  9. Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB).
  10.  Excessive body hair growth.

25 Home Remedies for Irregular Periods:

Not surprisingly, an ayurvedic or unanic approach can yield healthy results from seemingly simple remedies.

1. Saffron

A concentrated extract of saffron and water taken thrice daily for 2 days can ease the irregular pattern of missing periods. To prepare this, boil a teaspoon of saffron in ½ cup of water. Let it simmer till the volume reduces to about one tablespoon. This infusion is to be divided into 3 parts and taken with an equal amount of water. Do this for couple of days, thrice.

2. Coriander seeds

An extract of these with water taken a few days before the expected onset date, for two months, can make a difference in irregular periods. Coriander seeds promote menstruation since they contain emmenagogue. One teaspoon of coriander seeds boiled in water till the quantity reduces to about a cup is first prepared. After this the resultant extract is taken three times a day for about two months. This is considered to be one of the most effective home remedies for irregular periods.

3. Turmeric

Famous for its antiseptic and healing properties, a mixture of turmeric in milk can be taken regularly till things get better. One-fourth teaspoon of powdered turmeric in some lukewarm milk, flavored with some jaggery or honey, taken daily can be continued till the result is seen. Turmeric is also endowed with antispasmodic property and this can help in relieving menstrual cramps.

4. Aloe Vera

Consuming aloe gel with honey for three months will steadily lead to improvement in irregular periods. This can be done in either of the two ways: one way is to extract some fresh aloe gel from its leaves and mixing it with a teaspoon of honey; this mixture should be continued for three months on an empty stomach before breakfast. The second method is to take some aloe gel from its leaves and boiling it till it turns brown; after cooling, a teaspoon of this liquid is to be taken with a cup of water. Conversely, aloe shouldn’t be taken during periods.

5. Ginger

Freshly ground ginger boiled in water, taken for one month, will regulate sparse menstruation. To prepare one of the most sought-after home remedies for irregular periods, take a fresh stick of ginger and ground it up. Half teaspoon of this crushed spice is to be boiled in a vessel containing one cup of water, for 5 to 7 minutes. Sugar or honey can be added to improve the strong taste. This is to be drunk while still hot, three times a day after every meal, for about a month. This concoction also helps to soothe menstrual cramps and aches.

6. Fennel seeds

The extract of these can be consumed either by boiling the crushed seeds with water, or by soaking whole seeds over night, and drinking the liquid after straining it. To prepare it by boiling, grind one teaspoon of fennel seeds into powder and add it to a cup of boiling water; strain and drink the infusion. Another way to harvest the goodness of fennel seeds is to take two tablespoons of water and soaking it in a glass of water overnight; strain this mixture and drink it. Results start to show after about a month of continuing this regime.

7. Unripe papaya

This wonder fruit is known to regulate uterine movements. Drinking the juice or eating the fruit, with the exception of the days of periods, will bring good results. It also helps to ease the unpleasant symptoms associated with menopause and stress. Packed with nutrients and vitamins, as well as anti-inflammatory properties, papaya is a must for healthy menstrual cycle. Taken at breakfast, or in the evening will bring out its goodness. It is best advised to continue its consumption for two months just before the onset of periods. However, avoid taking it during your periods.

8. Cinnamon

Cinnamon powder mixed in milk, taken for two weeks, will help in not just regulation the flow, but also ease cramps. Enriched with hydroxychalcone, cinnamon can be taken in many ways. To have it with milk, mix half teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a glass of milk and continue to take it for two weeks. Alternatively, you can also drink cinnamon tea and chew on cinnamon sticks. Sprinkling cinnamon on food works too.

9. Apple cider vinegar

Another popular home remedy for irregular periods is apple cider vinegar. Preparation is simple- mixing 1 or 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in water, and consume before your meals. Make it a regular practice, and you should soon start observing regularity in your periods.

10. Carrot juice

Since carrots are rich in Iron, they help the hormones in functioning properly. In case of irregular periods, you should drink one glass of carrot juice for three months.

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11. Sesame seeds and jaggery

Sesame seeds are rich in lignans, which helps in balancing hormones. Roast a handful of sesame seeds and then ground the roasted seeds with one tablespoon of jaggery. Ground it till it becomes a fine powder and then consume it on empty stomach every day, two weeks before your period starts. Do not follow this remedy during periods.

12. Grapes

Intake grape juice daily to help you with menstrual disorders. You can also include grapes in your daily diet. But just remember, excess of grapes can cause loose motion.

13. Parsley

Parsley is a useful herb when it comes to treating irregular menstruation. It is considered to be one of the most effective home remedies to get rid of abnormal menstruation. You should drink parsley juice daily to take care of this issue.

14. Mint and Honey

The combination of honey and dried mint powder is an effective home remedy for irregular periods. This will also help you in easing those irksome stomach cramps. You just need to mix one teaspoon of dried mint powder with honey and consume it three times a day for quite a few weeks till you start seeing positive results.

15. Radishes

Radishes are a great way to cure irregular menstruation. Blend 2-3 radishes into a paste using water. Add buttermilk to this paste and drink this juice quite a few times every day. Keep sipping this juice on a daily basis till you start seeing positive results.

16. Bitter gourd

You might not be a fan of its bitter taste, but bitter gourd juice has proven to be quite effective in curing the period problem. This vegetable is full of anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimicrobial properties which are beneficial for your body and help you attain a regular menstrual cycle. Drink bitter gourd juice 1-2 times every day for a few weeks for best results. Chop one bitter gourd into two pieces and put it in a mixer. Mix it till it turns a juice, then add sugar and drink it immediately.

17. Cumin and sesame seeds

Grind sesame seeds and cumin seeds into a fine powder in equal amount. Add some honey to it and consume one tablespoon of this mixture daily.

18. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an important ingredient in your diet when you start having abnormal periods. Vitamin C helps in building estrogen which in turn builds the lining of the uterus that handles your menstruation. Consume Vitamin C in high doses if and when your period is 30-35 days late. You can also include apple, berries, oranges etc. in your diet.

19. Chaste Tree

Chaste tree is one of the best ways to normalize your menstruation. Working of the pituitary gland which helps in balancing your hormones is regularized by the active ingredient of chaste tree. Consume this herb regularly to bring your periods back to normal.

20. Indian lilac

Soak three cups of Indian lilac bark in two cups of water in a bowl for around 20 minutes. Strain this mixture and then consume it three times a day. Stick to this remedy till you start seeing improvements.

21. Hibiscus flower

One of the main reasons of irregular periods is hormonal imbalance. Crush five to six fresh hibiscus flowers in a juicer till it forms a paste. Mix this paste with some water and consume this mixture before breakfast daily morning. Take this decoction seven days before your period date. This effective home remedy will help in balancing estrogen and testosterone and will regulate monthly periods.

22. Bamboo

Boil some bamboo leaves in water and strain this decoction. Bamboo leaves has healing and therapeutic properties which will help you in get rid of period problem.

23. Blue Cohosh

The herb blue cohosh helps in expanding the uterus blood vessels which in turn helps in proper circulation. The extract of this herb will help you in stimulating your menstrual flow. Take this extract before your periods. For the correct dosage of this herb, contact a healthcare physician.

24. Sugarcane juice

Intake sugarcane juice for one week before your expected period date. This will help you in regulating your periods.

25. Shepherd’s purse

This herb is also known as Chinese cress. It helps in tightening the uterus muscles which not only regulates your flow but also prevents excessive blood loss.


  • Avoid stress and highly salted food.
    Stress is one of the biggest causes of too little or too much of bleeding. Salted and spicy foods disturb the metabolism of the body during those painful days and it only makes things worse with the body already in a vulnerable state.
  • Make time to relax and get enough sleep.
    Nothing is worth losing your sleep over, no matter how lucrative it may seem. Your body is your own and no one else’s, therefore it utmost necessary that it gets the care and replenishment it needs. Getting a healthy amount of sleep will also bring wonders to your health as well as overall mood and well-being.
  • Know what to avoid, and when.
    Many of these remedies are to be skipped on the days of menstruation. Please be mindful of how each remedy works and carefully plan their consumption and frequency. The last thing you’d want is to mistakenly add to the current problem and exacerbate the illness!
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol.
    While being a quick-fix when you are lethargic or low on much-needed energy, caffeine has many down-sides too, not excluding what it does to your body during periods. Many prefer not to take tea, coffee or any other caffeine-infused drinks during those involuntary blood seepage days. Alcohol may also seem like it does wonders, but those effects are short-lived too. Steer clear from these two no-no’s, and you are well on your way to getting better.
  • Exercise regularly but in moderation.
    Over-enthusiasm in this aspect can lead to over-exertion, which can in turn have a bad effect on your lady health. While exercise is recommended even during periods to take on mood swings and body aches and soreness, be mindful to keep it easy.
  • Avoid smoking.
    There is hardly anything positive to add here with regard to feminine health, but if it becomes hard to avoid smoking, limit your time to it day by day till you are free of this unhealthy habit.


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