8 Best Natural Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose (Nasal Congestion)

stuffy-nose (Nasal Congestion)home remedy

Health and life are two bosom friends, inseparable. Your nose, much like every part of the body, needs care and hygiene. From time to time, however, you may experience a few hitches. These could be diseases in themselves, or indicate to you that something somewhere is not going right. So today we bring to you a detailed primer of what the common causes of a stuffy nose are. Alongside, we cover home remedies for a stuffy nose or blocked nose that you can turn to when faced by such need.

Causes of a Stuffy Nose

A stuffy nose, also commonly known as nasal congestion, is caused by occurrence of swelling in the cavity of the nose. The swelling may be prompted by colds, infections such as flu, sinus infections or allergic reactions of the body to some substances.

This swelling causes a blockage in the free passage of nasal airway, making it difficult to breath. Among other things, a stuffy nose is annoying and irritating. It has a possibility of causing more havoc if not treated with appropriate remedies in good time. In easily worsens into eye and ear infections before you know it.

A stuffy nose may also make it difficult to enjoy some good sleep, apart from disturbing the sleep once you do get it. In most cases, home remedies can be enough to tone down this congestion. So, here are a few remedies that are proven effective and commonly relied upon to get rid of stuffy nose.

How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose – Home Remedies To Your Rescue

1. Steam

Steam is known to have several advantages, including medical and cosmetic. Inhalation of steam expels the substances holed up in the nasal cavity and lubricates it giving way to free flow of air. Steam is very effectual home remedies to get rid of stuffy nose. Keeping your head about the length of an arm from the container with the boiling water, you can inhale pure steam or have it mixed with drops of essential oil peppermint or a crushed powder of carom seeds for better results. Repeating this process three times a day will have more satisfactory outcomes.

Stuffy nose
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2. Use of Eucalyptus Oil

This oil has immense benefits when it comes to congestion of a stuffy nose due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-congesting properties. Drops of this oil are placed on a clean handkerchief followed by inhalation of the aroma. This oil can be sprinkled on the bed to keep yur immediate sleep zone comfortable.

Eucalyptus Oil

3. Garlic

This is one of the most common home remedies known in medical circles, providing relief to several conditions including decongesting of the blocked nose. The remedy has the ability to deter viral and fungal infection because of its anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. This can be best used by boiling a few cloves in a cup of water for regular drinking. Chewing on the fresh cloves can be useful to ease the congestion and reduce discomfort.

garlic home remedy

4. Honey

Consumption of honey is an effective remedy against nasal congestion and other plagues of the nasal system. Having two to three spoonfuls of honey mixed in water or milk taken on a regular basis is the most effective way to treat a congested nose. Honey is most effective since it does not have an unpleasant smell, making most people trust its use.

honey home remedy

5. Lemon

This is a well-known fruit in treating simple and sometimes complicated medical conditions. The use of lemon can be undertaken in several forms, which makes it easy to apply. One can have lemon juice mixed with a cup of boiled water for drinking, eat on the whole fruit with its bark or mix it in a cup of porridge for easy consumption. Consumption on a regular basis is bound to yield more satisfying results quickly.

lemon home remedy stuffy nose

6. Herbal Tea

Consumption of herbal teas is an effective home remedy for a stuffy nose because of to the numerous contents. Teas prepared with additions of different medical herbs such as ginger, garlic, rosemary leaves, peppermint and chamomile are an effective way to cure a congested nose and ease the discomfort for easy breathing.

herbal tea home remedy

7. Use of Apple Cider Vinegar

Being rich in nutrients, apple cider vinegar is important in thinning out the mucus and consequently help decongest the nose. Mixing it with some hot water and a combination of honey for drinking is the most effective way to use it in curing a congested nose.

ACA Stuffy nose

8. Fluid Intake

Drinking plenty of fluid also helps to heal stuffy nose. A regular intake of water and juice helps to keep the throat moist and in addition prevents dehydration of the same. It is recommended that you take 6 to 8 ouches of fluids on a daily. Note that you are advised to take only 6 to 8 ounces of water, not juice or soda.

Stuffy nose drink

9. Nasal irrigation

Nasal irrigation is an extremely common home remedy that is used to treat a blocked nose. It washes away the irritants and mucus from the nasal passage, helping you breathe freely.

How to use

Fill a neti pot with water. Now tilt your head a little bit to the back and pour the water into one of your nostrils using the pot. Now let the water come out of your other nostril. Repeat this process again with the other nostril. This home remedy might turn out to be slightly uncomfortable, but when done correctly can provide you instant relief.

10. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is very helpful in relieving sinus blockage and nasal congestion. It contains capsaicin that can work as a decongestant to help you provide relief from inflamed nasal tract. Cayenne pepper has a fiery effect which leads to a running nose. This helps you in getting rid of the allergens and mucous and gives you relief from the blocked nose.

How to use

Add one tablespoon of honey to half teaspoon of cayenne powder and eat this mix a few times in one day. Another method that you can follow is to dip a cotton swab in cayenne pepper and insert it in your nose. This will make you sneeze, hence helping you clear your naval passage. This method can initially induce a burning sensation which will pass away quickly and help you get relief from sinus pain and pressure. Repeat this procedure twice or thrice daily.

11. Vapor rub

Vicks vaporub is a famous over the counter decongestant that will provide you relief from nasal congestion. Vapor rub has active ingredients such as eucalyptus oil, methanol and camphor. These ingredients help clear the blockage so you can breathe comfortably and easily.

How to use

Rub vicks vaporub on your throat, back and chest before going to sleep. This will help you breathe easily and sleep soundly. Another option is to inhale vicks vaporub steam. Bowl some water in a vessel. Put some vicks vaporub in the water, cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam for a few minutes. This will clear the blockage immediately. Apply this procedure before sleeping as it will help you breathe easy and sleep well.

12. Ginger

Use of ginger is an easy and effective home remedy to get rid of blocked nose. Ginger has high antioxidant properties that help you by inhibiting mucus secretion. This also helps in maintaining a normal nasal ciliary motility. This is an important sinus health element.

How to use

There are various ways of using ginger to get rid of blocked nose. One way is to drink hot ginger tea twice or thrice a day. Boil two cups of water and add few slices of fresh ginger root in it. Let this liquid simmer for about 5-10 minutes. Strain this; add some fresh lemon zest, a teaspoon of honey and your ginger tea is ready. Another option is to add a pinch of salt to a few slices of ginger and chew it. Do this quite a few times a day to get rid of blocked nose and irritating cough. The third option is to take ginger lozenges that are easily available in the market.

13. Spicy tomato tea

Spice induces a running nose which helps in the removal of mucous which is one of the main reasons for a nose block. This excellent home remedy will give you some respite from nasal congestion. Spicy tomato tea can also be beneficial to help strengthen your immunity as it contains lemon, garlic and tomato juice.

How to use

Add one tablespoon of fresh lemon zest, two chopped garlic cloves, half teaspoon of spicy sauce and a pinch of salt to one cup of tomato juice and boil this mix. You can use cayenne pepper if you don’t have spicy sauce. All you need to do is drink this tea twice daily for a few days till you start seeing results.


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