23 Awesome Health and Nutritional Benefits of Basil for Wholesome Health

15 Awesome health and nutritional benefits of Basil for wholesome health

Basil plant or Tulsi is a shrub, which is scientifically known as Ocimum basilicum. Derived from the Greek word ‘basileus’, which means ‘king’, basil is also known to have been used in royal baths, and also as medicine, right from ancient times. Basil is rich in essential oils having phenolic compunds, flavonoids, and anthocyanins, all great for human health and immunity. Commonly used as a seasoning for cooking, basil herb also has several medicinal, cultural, and herbal benefits. We have listed here for you the overall nutritional benefits and facts of this basil plant which can be a fantastic natural cure to ailments and illnesses.

1. Treatment of Indigestion

Known for its fantastic ability to cure indigestion, basil leaves chewed regularly on an empty stomach promote excellent digestion and relieve several kinds of digestive disorders. Ranging from treatment of colic, to diarrhea, stomach pains and cramping, to curing of obstructions and infections in the urinary tract, this shrub has the potential to solve several gastro intestinal worries.

2. Prevention and Cure of Cancer

Basil acts as an anti oxidant that is known to cure and prevent certain types of cancers. It is also known for its anti carcinogenic properties, which are ideal to combat this deadly and horrific disease.

3. Cures Fever

Widely used in Ayurveda to cure fevers, basil (tulsi) has natural anti biotic, anti fungal, and anti bacterial properties that cure fever. The amazing effects of herb result in reducing the fever substantially. Basil is also known to help in the cure of malaria, the sometimes deadly illness caused due to insect and mosquito bites.

4. Dental and Oral Hygiene

Often used for dental and oral purposes, basil (tulsi) is known to prevent bad breath and protect your gums. The dominant anti bacterial properties of basil make it an outstanding oral disinfectant. Basil is also trusted for the treatment of ulcers.

5. Coughs and Colds

Most commonly used to cure colds and coughs, basil has expectorant and antitussive resources. Thereby completely ridding away the cough, and also easing the phlegm created in the throat because of the cough. Basil is widely used in cough syrups too. Basil is an ideal home remedy for the cure of coughs and colds in children and infants, as well as in adults.

6. Cure for Headaches

Basil is a natural and efficient cure for headaches. Due to its ability to relieve pain as well as its decongestant properties, tulsi has proved itself to cure migraines and sinus headaches as well as the common headache. Headaches acquired due to heaty weather conditions have also been cured by basil due to its cooling effects on the body.

7. Healthy and Glowing Skin

The potent purifying properties of basil contribute in maintaining an excellent healthy glow on the skin. The juice of basil when applied to the skin, has cured several dermatological problems. Also when ingested, basil has the ability to purify the blood which in turn reflects on your body in the form of healthy glowing skin.

8. Cures and Relieves Kidney Related Issues

Basil has the potential to cure kidney related problems including kidney stones and the likes. Tulsi acts as a diuretic as well as a detoxifying agent, which has a very beneficial impact on the kidneys. Basil also aids in reduction of the uric acid levels in the blood. The pain relieving properties that basil holds help reduce the pain in an episode of kidney stones as well, as tulsi has certain effects which help break down kidney stones.

9. Treating Insect Bites

Basil is used to treat insect bites as well. Applying paste of basil leaves on the bitten area helps to relieve the itchiness and pain caused due to the bite. Basil also helps in reducing swelling caused by bee and wasp stings.

10. Stress Reduction

In todays world most a large number of people suffer from stress related and anxiety disorders. Basil has proven to be an effective solution to reduce stress levels in the human body. Basil contains anti stress agents which assists in reduce the stress levels in the body. Reduced stress levels further assist in prevention of possible illnesses such as hypertension and high levels of blood pressure.

11. Treats Diabetes

Basil has been used as a natural remedy to combat the deadly disease of diabetes. The present anti oxidants in basil assist in better functioning of the pancreas, which leads to better increased sensitivity to and lowers blood sugar levels substantially.

12. Protection of the Heart

Eugenol a powerful anti oxidant found in basil assists substantially in lowering cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure thus protecting the heart.

13. Protects the Eyes

Basil is a very effective treatment for eye related issues as well as for certain eye infections like conjunctivitis. 2-3 drops of tulsi juice in the eyes can relieve substantially the discomfort caused by sore eyes.

14. Eases the Pain of Sore Throats

Gargling with basil water has shown to effectively reduce the pain in a sore throat. Basil herb is also used as a natural and homemade remedy to cure several respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis, asthma, sinus infections etc.

15. Aids in Quitting Smoking

Basil aids nicotine addicts to gradually kick the butt. The anti stress agents that are existent in basil aid in lowering stress levels which in turn result in reduced consumption of cigarettes. Chewing of basil leaves reduces the strong urge for a cigarette and the menthol like taste has a cooling effect on the throat thereby acting like a minty chewing gum which is often used as an alternative for cigarettes by people who are trying to quit smoking.

Besides the above mentioned major facts and benefits of this holy plant, basil herb also has some additional benefits as follows:

  • Aids in keeping preventing chicken pox in children.
  • Massaging basil juice on the gums of an infant help in relieving teething problems in the toddler.
  • Tulsi acts as a deworming agent as well and helps get rid of intestinal worms.
  • The anti septic, healing and anti inflammatory properties of basil aid in pain relief.
  • High levels of vitamin c in basil leaves help in increasing immunity in both children as well as in adults
  • Basil paste when applied to old scars and marks has effectively reduced and lightened the mark.
  • Basil juices and pastes help in the curing of cuts, burns, wounds and scrapes.
  • Tulsi is often used in the treatment of dry and itchy scalp as well as getting rid of dandruff from the scalp.

As we can clearly see, basil has numerous, unbeatable benefits on the body as well as the mind. This natural source of treatment and cure aids our body in unimaginable ways. Tulsi can be ingested as a juice, or the leaves can be chewed as it is, and can be mixed in curd or honey for consumption. When applied, basil is either applied as juice, or a thick paste. In Ayurvedic treatments, basil leaves are dried and converted to powder form and applied on cuts and wounds. Tulsi is only beneficial to us and has absolutely no long term side effects whatsoever. In order to live a long healthy life, it is highly recommended to consume basil on a daily and regular basis.


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