23 Effective Home Remedies to Lose Belly Fat Fast and Naturally

Effective Home Remedies to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Fat is accumulated in the belly and in the body in general because of unhealthy eating habits and sedentary living. This is the time for you to accept that fact some diets make you add weight around your belly, and if not stopped, could worsen the condition.

Causes of your Growing Belly Fat

Excessive belly fat is a real health problem, acknowledge it. It is known to be a reason of various diseases like type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer and heart disease.

Belly fat can be linked to several causes. Let’s know more about the most prominent ones.

Consumption of excess sugar is one of the reasons, mostly because of the fructose content in sugar. Excess intake of alcohol can cause body fattening, liver diseases and other health issues. Another cause for belly fat is inactivity. An inactive lifestyle can make people obese and result in poor health. Low protein intake can result in pangs of hunger which lead you into unplanned and unhealthy eating, creating obesity troubles.

Here are some other lesser known reasons. Increase in belly fat during the time of menopause is common. A hormone named cortisol, released when preparing your body for a stress response, causes obesity when your body more amount than needed. Food items which have low fibre and high refined carbs can result in you gaining belly weight. Also, here’s a fact about the packages fruit juices you often consume. Fruit juice is basically a sugary beverage with tons of preservatives and a whole lot of sugar which you might think is healthy, but is not in reality. Lastly, even the genes you inherit from your parents are major factor why you might be suffering from obesity.

Home Remedies to Lose Belly Fat Quickly

1. Lemon Water

Lemon water has been cited as a remedy for numerous skin and internal remedies apart from slimming procedures. Drinking lemon water is an effective way to detoxify the liver and allow it to work more efficiently on disintegrating fats thus ridding your belly of flab. Have a single citrus fruit and a glass of hot drinking water early in the morning. Squeeze out the juice and consume it every day on waking up, and then spend thirty minutes before eating anything else.

2. Cranberry Juice

Cranberries provide a rich source of organic acids that work as digestive enzymes. These enzymes are vital for emulsification of certain fats that may not be easy for assimilation by the body. Mix a cup of unsweetened cranberry juice with a cup of water and drink a cup early in the morning. You can also consider having a share of the juice with each of the major meals for effective results.

3. Fish or fish Oil

Fish and fish oil contain omega-3 acids responsible for fat digestion and reduction of fat deposition along the waistline. For persons who may not like fish oil they can turn to fish as a source of the fat reducing enzymes. Consuming a whole teaspoonful of fish oil every day is a good way to harness the benefits of these oils. Alternatively, eat omega-rich fish such salmon every three days for good results.

4. Chia Seeds

Turn to chia seeds as a source of the omega-3 fats that help avoid accumulation of fats around the belly. These seeds provide a good amount of these healthy fats along with other antioxidants that add to the general improvement of your health. Having a single spoonful of these seeds on a daily basis is good enough to start seeing results.

5. Ginger Tea

Ginger, apart from helping the human body’s digestive processes, also acts as a thermogenic component and is one of the most trusted among the effective home remedies to lose belly fat. This component raises the body temperature, which is essential for combustion of body fat. Mix four cups of hot water with a single spoon of honey, ginger and lemon and have a cup of this healthy mixture each morning.

6. Garlic

Garlic has some of the best known anti-obesity properties that make it a great bet for reducing belly fat. Garlic helps inhibit the process of fat generation and deposition by body cells and thus restricts the accumulation of fat on the body. One can simply add garlic to meals, but a more efficient way is eating raw garlic for better results. Drinking a cup of lemon water after chewing on raw cloves will help rid your mouth of the smell and help you to feel fresh.

7. Dandelion Tea

Dandelion is an effective solution against fat accumulation in the belly caused by water retention. Dandelion, just like lemon, accelerates liver metabolism, thereby improving on its capacity to oxidize fats. A teaspoonful of crushed dandelion root mixed with mint leaves, ginger, honey and water in specific proportions will taste great, and work to burn fats away from your body. Having two to four cups a day, well spaced, works in most cases.

8. Cinnamon

Regardless of the sweet taste that it comes with, cinnamon is a thermogenic that helps reduce the overall body fat along with belly fat. Spicing your meals and beverages with a spoonful of cinnamon powder is a good way to consume it regularly.

9. Lean Meat

Protein is a highly thermogenic food element; thus including it in your daily diet is a good way to accelerate fat burning. Since animal proteins work more effectively than vegetable based proteins, eating lean meat will add to the numerous benefits of these substances.

10. Green Tea

A study published in the American journal of nutrition reckoned that persons who consumed four cups of green tea on a daily period indicated a fat loss of up to six pounds over a period of two months. Green tea contains a component known as EGCG which is known to boost metabolism and thus reduce the fat content in one’s body. One needs to add a few leaves of green tea or the tea bag to hot water and cover it for five to ten minutes. Strain the mixture and top up with honey for taste improvement, and then serve.

11. Hot Peppers

Hot pepper has capsaicin, which is known to have thermogenic properties. Spicing daily meals with hot peppers whether raw, cooked, powdered or dry is a great way to harness the underlying potential in stimulating fat metabolism.

12. Coconut Oil

It is quite surprising that coconut oil should be used in slashing off fat belly, but it does work. Coconut oil has great effects in terms of improving the rate of metabolism. Plus, coconut oil is composed of medium chain fatty acids that are easier to digest. This oil helps speed up the rate of metabolism for elimination of fat. Completely replacing your oils with this one is a good way to avoid increase in belly fat.

13. Cucumber

Cucumbers are rich in silicon and sulfur, which are good facilitators for fat combustion. Combining lemon with cucumber is an effective way to turn round the balance and shed off the fat in your belly. Eating a slice of cucumber with each meal along with lemon juice is recommended.

14. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has acidic and corrosive properties that make it a good source of proteins used in the production of hormones and enzymes. Adding a spoonful of ACV to a glass of water for drinking is an easy way to tap into this potential.

15. Honey

Honey is one of the natural home remedies that will help you lose weight. Take a cup of lukewarm water; add a few drops of lemon and one tablespoon of honey to it. Stir well and drink this mix before breakfast in the morning.

16. Tomatoes

It is said that you can lose belly fat by eating a lot of tomatoes.

17. Mint

Mint is known to soothe the abdomen. All you need to do is take a cup of warm water, add some pepper, crushed mint leaves and one tablespoon of honey. Let this mixture rest for a few minutes and then drink it.

18. Curry leaves

Curry leaves are very helpful in detoxifying your body. Your belly accumulates lesser fat once it is detoxified.

19. Cardamom

Cardamom is used for burning belly fat as it is a good detoxifying agent and is great for boosting your metabolism.

20. Almonds

Almonds contain important supplements like protein, fibre, magnesium and vitamin E. When you consume almonds, it helps you remain full for a longer period, thus avoiding fat gain.

21. Watermelon

The water content in watermelon amounts to nearly 82% which keeps you full for a long period of time and stops your hunger. It is also rich in Vitamin C, which is another ingredient that helps you lose fat.

22. Beans

Beans contain insulin protein which helps you by making your stomach smooth. Beans are known to break at a very slow pace, which keeps you full for a longer period of time. This spares you from yearning for food. Nearly all kinds of beans help you in loosing fat. They are also good for people suffering from coronary illness and diabetes.

23. Oats

Oats are said to be very filling. They make you less hungry and prevent you from nibbling continuously. This means consuming way less calorie than usual. Have oats in the morning and see yourself losing that belly fat.

Some tips that can help to lose belly fat


Having regular physical exercises is a great way to work out the fat and squeeze your belly to minimal. It is important that exercise intended at cutting down on the amount of fat belly be targeted at the lower abdominal regions such as sit ups. This helps sweat and generate heat around the regions with fat to heighten its oxidation to optimal levels. The exercises must also focus on other muscles and not just be centered to the belly for most effective results.


Change of lifestyle

In the event that a combination of traditional herb remedies and exercise does not result in fruitful tendencies then you have to go back to the drawing board and analyze your lifestyle. Cut down on alcohol consumption or any other substance since this may hinder proper metabolism then adjust to a healthy lifestyle to make it a habit. This is a necessity for each of the


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