10 Simple Home Remedies to Get Rid of Impetigo Skin Infection

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Impetigo Skin Infection
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The skin is the largest and one of the toughest organs of the human body. The skin is the first layer of protection that our bodies have; which is why it is important to ensure that this protective layer remains healthy. But there are a large number skin infection of that can be highly uncomfortable and contagious. Impetigo is one such disease. Impetigo in children is more common than it is in adults.


The skin disease is caused by two kinds of bacteria-

  • Strep or streptococcus
  • Staph or staphylococcus

These bacteria enter the body when the skin is already irritated due to-

At the same time the bacteria can even target healthy skin.


The best way to know if you have impetigo is to observe:

  • Sores that begin as small red spots and then become big itchy blisters
  • Sores that increase in numbers
  • Sores that look crusty
  • Sores that oozing

Home remedies for getting rid of Impetigo

When you go to a doctor with a case of impetigo, you might be prescribed ointments and medication. But you can resort to home remedies for getting rid of Impetigo. There are a large number of home treatments for Impetigo which are not very difficult to follow. Here is a list of home remedies:

1. Garlic

Garlic offers one of the best herbal remedies impetigo. This commonly used ingredient is well known for its anti-bacterial properties. The presence of allicin grants garlic this property. At the same time it is a good detoxifier. Only the impetigo causing bacteria are targeted by garlic when consumed in the right dosage. Three raw garlic cloves a day from the get go can prevent the impetigo from spreading.

2. White Vinegar

Another very good anti-bacterial agent is white vinegar. When the vinegar is mixed with water, it offers a food anti-biotic solution. Mixing one tablespoon of vinegar to two cups of warm water creates the right balance. You can then dip a cotton ball into the solution and dab the affected areas. Do not scrub the area since it might cause irritation instead of relief.

3. Goldenseal

Natural cures impetigo includes goldenseal since it not only reduces the sores but rids us of the root of the problems. The anti bacterial agent can be consumed as a remedy. It can also be used in an ointment form. Mix powdered goldenseal with small amounts of water to make a simple paste and apply it to the sores.

4. Tea Tree Oil

Impetigo on face not only requires an anti-bacterial agent, it also requires some kind of anti-inflammatory agent. Both these qualities can be found in tea tree oil. There are many ways of using the tea tree oil as one of the home remedies for getting rid of Impetigo. You can mix a few drops of the oil with olive oil and apply it to the area. The area must be rinsed after 20-30 minutes. The oil can also be added to warm water which can be used to dab over the area. At the same time consuming the oil is not the best option since it might have side effects.

5. Echinacea

The herb Echinacea has immune-stimulant properties and has a number of phytochemicals. These go together to fight the impetigo causing bacteria and prompting the skin to heal at an enhanced rate. The only precaution is that those suffering from AIDS cannot use this as a remedy.

6. Cleaver

Another herb is important to the list of natural remedies. Cleaver can be consumed to reduce lymphatic inflammation caused by impetigo. It also helps get rid of staph abscess. If you do not want to ingest it, then you can crush the fresh herb and use it as a compress on the afflicted areas.

7. Aloe Vera

It is popularly known for its skin repairing properties. It is no surprise that it works wonders when used to heal impetigo. You can consume the Aloe Vera juice or apply the fresh gel to the affected areas. The cooling sensation offers a relief to the itchiness and the properties ensure a quick recovery.

8. Calendula

Another skin friendly herb that is widely prescribed as homeopathic remedy is calendula. You can find it in gel, cream, ointment and tincture form. You can use the herb directly as a compress over the sores, just like cleaver.

9. Manuka Honey

When trying out impetigo cures for children, offering one which tastes good is the best option. Manuka honey is the tastiest option there is. The sweet remedial agent can be consumed directly. It can also be spread over the affected area and left for a while before being rinsed away. This remedy is easily accepted by children because it is a far cry from the bitter impetigo medications that doctors might prescribe.

10. Cloth and hot water

You do not have to run around gathering herbs and spices to treat impetigo at home. All you need is a cloth and hot water. Soak the clean cloth in the hot water, wring out the excess liquid and hold the warm cloth over the sores. This heat therapy needs to be repeated a couple of times a day daily. If you do not have access to hot water, you can iron the cloth or use a blow dryer to make the cloth hot. The heat kills off the bacteria. Even though this remedy can take a bit longer than the other ones, it works just as well.


Even though there are a number of home remedies for getting rid of Impetigo, prevention is better than cure. If you take a few precautionary steps then you might not have to think about treatment for impetigo. Here are a few preventive methods:

  • Avoid contact with someone with impetigo
  • Do not share personal items with someone who has or had impetigo
  • Wash whatever the person with impetigo has used
  • Do not scratch the sores. Scratching spreads the sores to other parts of the body.
  • Treat cuts, burns, insect bites and poison ivy with antibiotic ointments
  • Always wash your hands before putting it anywhere near your mouth.

These easy details can help cure, if not prevent, cases of impetigo. If you see that the infection is spreading even after treating it with the remedies then it is best to take the case to a doctor.


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