Why opt for Herbal Remedies – Advantages and Disadvantages of Herbal Medicine

Why opt for Herbal Remedies – Advantages and Disadvantages of Herbal Medicine

World over, people are slowly and gradually switching to alternative forms of medicine. One of these many alternative therapies includes herbal remedies. Herbal remedies are excellent source of alternative medicinal therapy. Herbal remedies are extracted from roots, plants, herbs and plant extracts. They are an absolutely natural and safe form of curing illnesses. Not only do they help in curing the ailment, but they are also known to prevent the illness from occurring repeatedly. Herbal remedies may have long curing periods, but they eradicate the illness from its roots and prevent any future episodes of the same. Herbal remedies are a part of traditional healing procedures adopted by civilizations from hundreds of years. In fact, Sissi Wachtel-Galor and Iris Benzie’s publication called Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects, 2nd Edition opens up with detailed coverage of the history of herbal medicine. There are several benefits to using herbal remedies.

Benefits of Herbal Remedies

1. No Side Effects

Ingestion or consumption of herbal remedies to cure ailments does not result in side effects. Pharmaceutical drugs on the other hand are infamous for causing severe side effects in patients. Some of the less severe side effects include nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. Herbal remedies on the other hand are absolutely free of side effects and do not harm the body in anyway.

2. No Long Term Effects

Repeated and long-term use of Herbal Remedies does no result in long-term effects on the body. Certain pharmaceutical drugs like paracetamol when used for long periods results in permanent body damage and long-term ill effects. Paracetamol when use repeatedly has proven to result in liver failure and other liver related illnesses. Herbal Remedies on the other hand are not harmful to the body in the long term. One can use most herbal remedies repeatedly and regularly without any worries.

3. Completely Natural

Another benefit of using herbal remedies is that they are completely natural and have no chemical composition or drugs. Due to their natural nature they can be consumed regularly. These natural remedies also result in a better immune system.

4. Multipurpose

Herbal Remedies have multipurpose benefits. For instance ginger is usually used as an herbal remedy for colds and digestive disorders. But if you are not using it for its medicinal value, one can also use it in their tea, beverages and daily home cooked foods for flavoring. Similarly, herbal extracts from peppermint can not only add spice and flavor to your kitchen recipes, but can also be used as anti-depressant!

5. Inexpensive

Herbal remedies are absolutely inexpensive and sometimes even absolutely free of cost. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, herbal remedies have no manufacturing costs, which make them far cheaper than the allopathic alternative. Some herbal remedies like ginseng, peppermint and ginger can even be grown in your backyard making them absolutely free of cost.

6. Easily Accessible

Herbal Remedies are easily accessible. Certain herbal remedies like ginger, peppermint and basil leaves can be acquired anywhere in the world. One can even visit any local drug store and purchase herbal remedies without any trouble. Besides this you can even grow some of the remedies in your garden and some of these remedies are easily available in your local grocery store.

7. Can be used for People of All Ages

Another excellent benefit of herbal remedies is that it can be used to cure people of all ages. Children, adults and even elderly people can resort to herbal remedies to get rid of their ailments.

8. No Allergic Reactions

Due to their natural nature, herbal remedies most often don’t cause an allergic reaction in the body. Several people are allergic to certain chemicals that are part of pharmaceutical drugs and they are not even aware of this. An allergic reaction can prove to be lethal if not combatted in time. Herbal remedies on the other hand create no allergic reactions and can be consumed without any apprehensions.

9. Preventive

Herbal remedies are preventive in nature. Not only are they known for their excellent curing abilities, but they have also proven to prevent future outbreaks of the illness.

10. No Chances of Getting Banned

Herbal Remedies, unlike pharmaceutical remedies cannot get banned. Certain drugs in modern medicines over a period of time and extensive research are often banned. Herbal remedies due to their natural nature have a very slim chance of getting discontinued. Thus you can be rest assured of a permanent supply of your herbal remedy or medication.

11. Highly Effective

Herbal remedies have proven to be highly effective. They not only assist in curing the ailment but also prevent future attacks. Certain herbal remedies have proven to be more effective than modern medicine. Scientists have also does extensive research on herbal remedies and have actually witnessed and proved their effectiveness.

12. Not Addictive

Herbal remedies are non-addictive. Certain pharmaceutical drugs are highly addictive and that can prove to be extremely problematic. Herbal Remedies are natural and non-addictive, thereby completely safe to consume. In fact, an article in Harvard Health Publications talks about how herbal remedies can be relied upon to help people overcome addictions.

13. Safe

Another great benefit of herbal remedies is the fact that they are absolutely safe. Everyone including pregnant women and small children can consume herbal remedies without any adverse reactions.

14. Complete Eradication of the Ailment

Another great benefit of herbal remedies is that they completely eradicate the ailment from its roots. Thereby resulting in no future and repeated attacks or illnesses.

Thus, as you can see, there is an extensive list of benefits for using herbal remedies. If you are looking to make a switch, it’s a highly recommended and safe idea to switch to herbal therapy as an alternative medicinal treatment.  However you need to keep in mind that herbal therapy does also have its own disadvantages. Though the list of its advantages is far higher than its disadvantages, it is necessary for you to know how herbal therapy can be harmful to you. Below mentioned are a few of its demerits.

Disadvantages of Herbal Remedies

1. No Prescription or Dosages

One major disadvantage of herbal remedies is that there is no available prescription or dosage for it. Doctors will not prescribe herbal remedies and lack of dosage can lead to excessive ingestion and consumption of the remedy.

2. Can React With Pharmaceutical Drugs

Consumption of herbal remedies alongside of pharmaceutical drugs can create a reaction. Herbal remedies can heighten the effect of the pharmaceutical drugs or even nullify their effect. Certain combinations can even prove to be fatal.

3. Long Curing Periods

Another major disadvantage of herbal remedies is that they take an extremely long time to cure the patient completely. Unlike modern medicine that shows instant and quick improvement, herbal remedies can take up to weeks and sometimes even months to completely cure the illness.

4. Unregulated

Government bodies and the Food and Drug Administration do no regulate and certify herbal remedies. Thus there is very limited information and research in regards to herbal remedies. Some even consider these remedies to be supplements and not medication.

5. Poisonous

Another drawback of herbal therapies is that it can prove to be poisonous. Certain roots and herbs are poisonous in nature. Thus one needs to be absolutely certain of the plant they are consuming and ensure they don’t ingest the wrong plant. Poisonous herbs can prove to be lethal.

6. Ineffective Against Serious Ailments

Herbal remedies can be ineffective for certain kinds of illnesses and ailments such as heart attacks and even psychiatric disorders. Psychiatric disorders compulsorily require modern medicine, as there is no herbal alternative for the same.

Just like all other medical treatments, herbal remedies also have its pro and cons. However the advantages are far more and it has proven to be highly effective in several cases. If you are seriously thinking about starting herbal therapy here is a list of herbal remedies you must keep handy in your house at all times.

Herbal Remedies


Peppermint is an excellent herbal remedy to cure headaches as well as digestive disorders. A few drops of peppermint oil in your tea can assist in curing indigestion as well as acidity. In the case of a headache, one can put some peppermint oil on their forehead and gently massage it to cure the headache.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is a great herbal remedy to combat sinus infections and congestions. A few drop of eucalyptus oil can be rubbed on the forehead and chest or alternatively a few drop of the oil can be inhaled in a facial steam to help combat the sinus infection. University of Minnesota’s online medical help centre vouches for the health benefits of eucalyptus and other essential oils.

Basil Leaves

Another excellent herbal remedy to keep handy at home is basil leaf. Basil leaves cure cold and coughs as well as assist in digestive disorders. A few leaves of basil eaten every morning on an empty stomach assist in curing acidity and indigestion. A few leaves can even be consumed to battle a cold and cough. Besides this regular consumption of basil leaves have proven to strengthen the immune system of the body.


Another great herbal remedy to keep handy is Echinacea. Echinacea is known to prevent as well as cure the common cold as well as flu and other viral and bacterial infections. Echinacea can be consumed in a pill form or a few drops of it can be put in your tea. Echinacea also assists in increasing immunity.


Ginger is another great herbal remedy. It has multiple uses. It is used to cure gas, acidity, coughs and colds. Ginger can be consumed as a juice or even in your tea and food. Check out University of Maryland’s online medical centre to check out more benefits of having ginger.


Turmeric is another excellent herbal remedy. Turmeric has multiple uses. It can be used to cure a bad throat, help in increasing immunity, assists in curing and healing wounds quickly and is a great anti oxidant.

Thus these herbal remedies are a great alternative medicinal treatment. The biggest advantage of these remedies is that they are cheap, easily accessible and can be consumed by people of all ages safely. If you are looking to switch to herbal therapy, you may want to even consider growing some of the herbs in your backyard to keep them easily accessible in the event of an illness. Some herbs can even be cooked in regular home foods to add flavoring. Besides this, some plants and herbs are known to increase overall immunity of the body when consumed regularly and repeatedly.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, repeated usage of herbal remedies does not result in reduced effectiveness. On the other hand, long term and repeated use of herbal remedies assists in complete eradication of the ailment from its roots and prevention of future attacks.

Consult with an herbal therapist for proper and effective herbal remedies for specific ailments that you may be suffering from. If you find that your symptoms are worsening please consider a medical practitioner. There are certain websites that can provide an extensive range of herbal remedies and treatments. Below mentioned is the list of these websites.


1. http://unh.edu/health-services/ohep/complementaryalternative-health-practices/herbal-medicine

Health Services is a website created by the University of New Hampshire. This website gives detailed information in regards to what herbal therapy really is. Besides this, the website also lists out several commonly used herbs and their uses.

2. http://www.herbs.org/herbnews/

Herb Research Foundation is a website that has detailed information about herbal remedies. Besides this the website runs an extensive range of articles related to research done on herbs.

3. https://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/herbalmedicine.html

Medline Plus is another herbal remedies website that provides information herbal products and several herbal remedies related articles. The online health care portal from US National Library of Medicine is a one stop destination for all your queries on herbal as well as contemporary medi-care topics.

Some herbal therapy companies have even made herbal pills for consumption. These pills are bottled and sold at local drug stores. These branded pills are absolutely natural and do not consist of any chemicals. The exact composition of the pill is mostly always mentioned at the back of the bottle. There are several herbal companies that are safe and world-renowned.

Herbal remedies have cured diabetes, blood pressure, and wounds and in some cases even cancers. Keep in mind that herbal remedies unlike modern medicine takes a long time to show case their results. When using herbal therapy you need to be patient and constantly monitor your vital statistics. You can use herbal remedies alongside of your pharmaceutical drugs to get better and permanent results. However please check with your medical practitioner before using herbal remedies to avoid any intense reactions.

In olden times, when there was lack of availability of modern medicines and access to doctors and hospitals was limited, people resorted to herbal therapy, which proved to be highly effective and assisted millions of people. Herbal remedies are highly beneficial, safe and cost effective.


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