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20 Smart Ways To Get Rid of Annoying Static Cling In Your Clothes!

Get Rid of Static Cling In Your Clothes
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You may have experienced a phenomenon where you had to pull out your skirt which repeatedly got stuck to your skin, haven’t you? Sometimes when you dry your clothes in a dryer and take them out, have you noticed that some of those tend to stick to each other? Well, this isn’t some kind of a magic, but pure science.

This tendency of clothes clinging to one another is known as static cling. Sometimes, hairs also cling to garments because of static charges. It occurs when two substances come in contact with each other through friction and exchange electrons.

Static cling happens because of the static electricity. It happens due to the opposite electrical charges that cause different substances to cling to each other. Static electricity generally builds up when the humidity is low and the weather is dry. In such cases, two different materials that come in close contact exchange their positive and negative electrons. As science says, opposite charges attract each other, similarly you experience the clothes sticking either to each other or to your skin.

Why Can Static Cling Sometimes Be Embarrassing?

Static cling, although absolutely harmless, can sometimes cause embarrassment. Imagine a situation where you have to constantly manage your skirt so that it doesn’t get stuck to your thighs. And such situations can be even more irksome when you’re present in a public place or a party with an unfamiliar faces around. However, now that the winter is on its way and almost knocking at the door, here are some simple home remedies to see the back of these unwanted static cling.

1. Hang Your Clothes In The Air To Dry:

For preventing static cling, you need to stop the clothes from rubbing against each other. Hence, it is advised that when you are drying your clothes, hang them in the air with the help of a clothing line. This will allow the sunlight and air to take away the moisture and dry the garments. This is quite effective among the home remedies for getting rid of static cling in the clothes.

2. Aerosol Hairspray for Removing Static Cling:

If you are scratching your head and thinking how to remove static cling from clothes, just grab the can of aerosol hair spray if you have one. Now spray it on your clothes holding the can at least eight inches away. It will simply eliminate static cling from your garments. If you are wearing leggings, spray it on the bottom wear rather than the skirt.

3. Use Baby Powder for getting rid of static cling:
According to Robert Verdi, the celebrity-stylist, sprinkling a little bit of baby powder can remove static cling from clothes naturally. Just take some baby powder and apply it on to the skin before wearing clothes that might cling to your skin. It works best when it is dry summer.

4. Safety Pins – A Simple Home Remedy For Static Cling:

You can simply get rid of the annoying static cling from your clothes with the help of a safety pin. All you have to do is tuck the safety pin through the inner hemline of your clothes. This will prevent the garment clinging to you. This safety pin will also act as a grounding tool.

5. Use Anti-Static Spray:

There is no other more obvious solution than an anti-static spray. You can avail it at few pharmacies and purchase them if you face static cling too frequently. You need to use the static cling spray straight on the clothes to prevent it from clinging to your body.

6. Stick To More Natural Fabrics:

Mostly, synthetic fabrics like polyester or Lycra are more prone to static cling. Hence, if you avoid wearing these fabrics, then you can easily get rid of the clingy clothes sticking to your skin. Go for cotton and other natural or organic fibers which can also add to the comfort quotient.

7. Turn On The Humidifier:

Static cling is most common in the winter when the air is dry and lacks humidity. Hence, a humidifier can really help you get rid of static cling from your dress. If you are looking for a more natural home remedy for getting rid of static from your clothes, then just hang the washed clothes in the bathroom as humidity is higher here.

8. Use An Anti-Static Dryer Sheet:

Dryer sheet is an effective home remedy to get rid of the static electricity. When you find your dress or skirt clinging to your body, just grab one dryer sheet and rub it on the inner side of the skirt or dress holding it away from your skin. This will simply transfer the static to the dryer sheet eliminating it from your clothes.

9. Spray Water On Your Dry Clothes:

To dispel the annoying static, just fill a spray bottle with distilled water and spray it on the garment with static charges right after taking it out of the dryer. Well, do not use a bottle that sprays too much water at one go, you need to slightly damp the piece of cloth. You can also apply water from your wet hands which will also act in the same way.

10. Apply Body Lotion Before You Wear Clothes:

Take some body lotion on your palm and rub it on your arms and legs before wearing any outfit made of nylon or any synthetic fabric. The lotion will add moisture to the skin and deter the fabric from clinging to your skin.

11. Touch Any Grounded Metal Object:

Metal, being a good conductor of electricity, can simply remove the static charge from your skin. Therefore, when you are facing trouble with your clothes clinging to you, just touch any metal object that is touching the ground, such as metal pipes. It will also prevent minor shocks which sometimes can be painful.

12. Hang Clothes With A Metal Hanger:

As said earlier, metal helps to remove static from clothes naturally. So, after drying your clothes in a dryer, if you slip it through a metal hanger, the static electricity goes on to the metal from the clothes. Therefore, before wearing clothes, hang it on a metal hanger for getting rid of the static cling.

13. Use A Tennis Ball In Your Dryer:

One of the easiest home remedies for getting rid of static cling is to put a tennis ball into the dryer with the clothes and let it move along. Thus, the static charges will be transferred to the tennis ball and your clothes will be free of the menacing clinginess.

14. Get Rid Of Static Hair With Wooden Combs:

Not only the static in clothes annoys you, but your hair might also become staticky in winter. To get rid of hair sticking to your clothes, brush it with wooden comb. Using hair spray will also help you get rid of static hair.

15. Use Leather Shoes:

Switch to leather shoes instead of rubber as it might accumulate more static electricity.

16. Apply Fabric Softener:

Fabric softeners are available in liquid form which you can add while giving your clothes a final wash. It will remove static from your clothes as well as give it a fresh smell which will last long.

17. Woolen Dryer balls:

Throw some woolen dryer balls in the dryer and this will absorb the static charges from the clothes.

18. White Vinegar:

If you don’t want to get your hands on the store-bought fabric softener, use a little bit of white vinegar instead. This will remove static from your clothes naturally.

19. Soap Nuts:

Soap nuts are anti-static and hence, a wonderful natural home remedy for getting rid of static cling. Wrap some soap nut in Muslin cloth and then put it in the washing machine with other garments. It will absorb static cling from your clothes.

20. Aluminum Ball:

If you have aluminum sheets at home, roll them into a small ball and put them in the dryer with other clothes. This will also act like traditional dryer balls by absorbing the static electricity from your clothes.



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