20 Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of a Double Chin Naturally

Home Remedies to Get Rid of a Double Chin

So, you think you’re developing the dreaded double chin? Don’t stress over it because it is probably one of the most common nightmares-come true that a lot of men and women face. It’s just and accumulation of fat under the chin, and is typically formed by adipose tissue or normal skin that has lost its elasticity. This loss of elasticity in the skin causes it to become loose. And while there’s not much you can do to prevent it over time, you can definitely delay its appearance! Numerous exercises and home remedies for getting rid of double chin exist, which are discussed here.

Causes & Symptoms

The only main causes of double chin are aging or being overweight; and its only symptom is the visible appearance of a double chin!

Home Remedies for Double Chin

1. Chin Exercises

The most effective long-term sagging chin remedy is to perform certain chin exercises that will prevent the same. Toning and stretching your neck and jaw muscles will help you to get a desirable chin shape that will also lead to improved blood circulation.

Double Chin Exercises

2. Platysma Exercise

We all have a muscle at front of our neck and under the chin, known as the platysma muscle. This muscle is the main cause of double chin and would require adequate exercises to keep it in shape. Working the platysma as part of your double chin exercises will delay its occurrence.

Platysma-Exercise double chin

3. Chin Wraps

The chin wraps is another home remedy that people use to reduce sagging chin skin. Using a firm, homemade wrap will work best to give immediate results for your double chin.


4. Yoga

Nothing works better for double chin like yoga does. It has proven long-term results that will alleviate a number of health issues, including loss of elasticity.

5. Diet

If you’re overweight, you’ll have a tough time losing weight under your chin. Changing your diet and avoiding fatty foods will reduce the fat content in your body and effectively prevent double chin.

6. Melon

Melon’s natural properties are useful if you’re looking to reduce your double chin because it improves one’s skin tone and prevents the collapse of the surrounding tissue, which would otherwise cause fat accumulation.

7. Apple

Freshly squeezed apple juice is also an effective skin tightener and works best when used with melon.

8. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is a great chin exercise that will not only eliminate extra fat in your chin, but will also firm up the face muscles and neck, The trick with chewing gum is to chew it a lot, whenever you can. The sugar free kind is recommended though.

9. Olive Oil

Massaging your face with warm olive oil for 15-20 minutes everyday day will keep a saggy double chin at bay, with no surgical procedure involved.

10. Vitamin E

Increasing your daily Vitamin E intake will reduce jowls and will also increase overall jaw elasticity. Leafy greens, dairy products, barley, beans, and nuts are just a few sources of vitamin E. Alternatively; you could also take it in the form of a supplement.

11. Glycerin

You can maintain facial elasticity by making mask out of glycerine, Epsom salts and a few drops of peppermint oil to get rid of double chin.

12. Green tea

Regular consumption of green tea is another effective way to get rid of a double chin because it contains a number of powerful antioxidants and other components that accelerate metabolism. Works best when consumed in the morning on an empty stomach.

13. Cocoa Butter

Another natural remedy that improves skin elasticity is cocoa butter. Applying warm cocoa butter oil and massaging it on to your neck is a good way to get rid of or prevent double chin from occurring. Ensure that you massage it for a few minutes every night before going to bed, and repeat the process again in the morning, if you have the time.

14. Egg Whites

Protein laden egg whites are a great way to keep your skin looking bright and healthy, and works for a variety of issues, including double chin. The best kinds of egg white masks are the ones that you make at home, and are proven to eliminate the dreaded double. The most effective combination for an egg white mask is one that consists of two egg whites, a spoon of milk, some peppermint essential oil, honey and a tablespoon of lime or lemon juice. Works best when done once every day.

15. Water

As a default on any home remedy list, water steps in to save you from double chin as well. Make sure to drink plenty of water if you’re looking to lose weight in general, or if you want to reduce the appearance of jowls. It has recently been discovered that consumption of insufficient amounts of water causes the body to retain what little water it has to prevent itself from dehydrating. Doctors recommend about 8-10 glasses of water every day, in order to keep the body hydrated, prevent water retention, as well as flush the body of unwanted toxins. Apart from regular water, make sure to consume plenty of liquids of any kinds and eat foods that have high water content. These include fruits and vegetables such as celery, lettuce, melons, & cucumbers.

16. Wheat Germ

A great source of Vitamin E, wheat germ is another go-to product for those looking to eliminate double chin. The excess vitamin E provides the skin with much needed nourishment and also helps keep it firm and tight. Works best when massaged in to the face before bed time, an upward massage of the throat area will generate noticeable results in almost no time at all!

17. Posture

Maintain balance while walking, talking or sitting is also an important factor in fighting double chin. Keeping a neutral position that neither leans forward nor back will prevent skin from folding unnecessarily. One should also adopt the right correct posture while using a computer, with the neck straight and eyes in line with the height of the screen.

18. Thin Pillow

Another simple change that you should effect immediately is to switch to a thinner pillow. A high pillow can be a double chin’s worst enemy because it stretches the skin and also leads to snoring.

19. Skin Hydration

Just as the body requires hydration in the form of water, your skin also needs to stay hydrated. You can do this by applying lotions and moisturizers on your neck and chin, to help retain elasticity.

20. Milk

Another great home remedy for double chin is milk. As we tend to stretch the skin around the chin area the most, milk acts as a tonic that you can apply on your neck area. You can then massage it for a while before rinsing it off with water. You could also alternatively prepare a homemade facial mask using plain milk and honey, and then applying it on your face and letting it set for about 10-15 minutes. This unique mask will not only help reduce a double chin, but will also make your skin moist and soft to touch.

People with a double chin are often tempted to resort to surgeries to get rid of their problem, double chin, but that only provides a temporary fix. Nothing can get rid of a double chin or prevent one altogether, better than regular exercise and a proper diet.


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