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18 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Love Handles in 15 Days – Follow These 6 Exercises

Home Remedies for Get Rid of Love Handles

Have had enough of those supposedly ‘cute’ love handles? Good for you, because let’s face it, it’s a sign of your unhealthy eating habits. Saying good riddance to love handles may not be an easy task in most cases, but it shouldn’t be too much of a tall order either. Love handles will pose a dangerous capability of quickly translating into obese, along with posing grand challenges in your quest of attaining that perfect figure. Here are the top 18 home remedies for getting rid of love handles. Here’s a disclaimer, though – each of them calls for some dedication and commitment before you see the result, but all your effort will certainly be rewarded.

What are love handles?

Love handle is a casual term used for the excess fat that gets deposited at people’s waistline. It is usually the extra fat that bulges out of someone’s sides. Love handles differ in size and can affect both men and women.

The Causes of Love Handles – Know Them Before You Overcome Them

Love handles can be a result of various factors. Excess of fat and starch consumption from following an unhealthy diet is one among them. If you don’t exercise regularly and have an inactive lifestyle, you tend to start gaining weight, thereby developing love handles. High intake of sugar is another cause of developing a muffin top. Like a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle is equally important. Not getting enough sleep can lead to metabolism issues and result in fat storage around your waist and stomach. Over stressing is another cause for developing fats on your waistline. Another common cause for muffin tops is excess consumption of alcohol and sugary beverages.

Symptoms to Be Watchful Of

Love handles are a sign of obesity and are often the percusros to various health issues like diabetes and coronary diseases.

Home Remedies for Love Handles

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is life; drink enough if it, day in and day out. Drinking two glasses of hot or warm water one to two hours prior to meals is a good way to keep belly fat under check. This prevents over eating and leads you into consuming only the right amount of food. Also, drinking the advised eight glasses of water a day will help optimize body metabolism and avoid chances of overeating.

2. Keep Stress At Bay

Apart from all the negative health consequences, stress also cotnributes towards fat accumulation in the body. Stress leads to the breakdown of muscle mass and increases fat content. Keeping stress away will help eliminate this fat. Adopt basic stress management skills to avoid this negative state and add up one weopen in your aresenal for fat elimination.

3. Avoid Sleep Debt

Your body requires enough sleep to work in an optimized manner. Lack of optimal sleep levels will bit the body’s response to insulin, and this will heighten fat deposition. Having at least six hours of sound and continuous sleep every day is a good way to restore your energy and allow the body to function optimally. Even though you follow a healthy diet and have an active lifestyle; not having enough sleep can result in gaining and accumulating fat around your sides.

4. Fish Oil and Fish

Eating fish rich in omega-3 fats is a good way to accelerate body metabolism and speed up fat oxidation. Most seafoods contain this vital component that helps speed up metabolism. Simply eat such seafoods thrice every week or use their oils for every day recipes and you are good to go.

5. Beans

These provide more soluble fiber to reduce belly fat. Many studies have proved that both insoluble and soluble fibre help in decreasing hunger pangs and increasing your post meal contentment, which usually leads to loss of weight. Beans can be added to every meal. Adding a small quantity of beans to daily meals, preferably for dinner is a simple way to fight off the belly fat.

6. Eating Vitamin C Rich Foods

All exercise and good dieting is not complete without giving vitamin C the due attention. You might have an active lifestyle and work out every day, but if you don’t include enough vitamin C in your daily diet, you might not notice much of a difference when it comes to losing your love handles. Few foods that are rich in vitamin C are strawberries, oranges, papaya, bell peppers, kiwi and broccoli. These micro-nutrients are important in fat metabolism which ensures that the body utilizes the available fat deposits. Eating a fruit every day is a good way to tap into this immense potential

7. Dairy Products

Milk products especially milk, yoghurt and cheese supply calcium that is needed to keep the belly fat in check. Adding some small quantities to daily meals will help keep calcitriol under control. This hormone is responsible for accumulation of body fat and as such putting it to the lowest ebb will help combat growth of belly fat. Clinical trials and epidemiological data have confirmed the use of dairy products for weight loss.

8. Minimize Consumption of Aerated Drinks

While these drinks are common on dining tables, they are disastrous for your health, and won’t let you get rid of your belly fats anytime soon. Taking alternative drinks such as fresh fruit juice will help you avoid these sugars and the consequential effects on your dieting habits which help you in your war on belly fat. Even diet sodas can be fun and frizzy but contain artificial sugar that converts to formaldehyde once consumed.

9. Flag White Foods in Your Diet

Foods with little or no nutritional value tend to have more impact on fat storage in the body and it’s only wise that you raise a red flag on them and flush them out. Such foods include sugars, junk foods and salt. Its time you reduce consumption of those noodles and fried rice you have been surviving on. It is also advised to shun pasta, rice and breads. Replacing commonplace non-nutritional value with vegetables and other valuable products in your diet will help you shape your belly and eliminate the extra fat camping in those sensitive regions.

10. Adopt Use of Green Tea

Green tea helps you strike a balance between optimization of body metabolism and appetite so you don’t have too much of fat to burn. Green tea contains an ingredient called catechins which helps lower fat absorption through the intestinal passage. You can add ginger to your green tea for added flavor and some help in improving your digestion. You may choose to overhaul your drinks cabinet and replace it with this tea or simply introduce it along your loved meals that are healthy.

How to prepare

Take some water in a vessel and add one teaspoon of grounded ginger and one tsp. of green tea. Let this mixture steep for a few minutes. You need to drink this once or twice every day in empty stomach for best result.

11. Add Lime to Your Drinking Water

Though having plenty of water every day will help your body work out to perfect position, adding a spoonful of lime to each of the glasses will produce excellent results in most circumstances. It’s preferable to have the lime with warm water as this yields quicker results in terms of detoxification of body and speeding up the rate of metabolism for elimination on love handles. The lemon peel or zest helps in breaking down the food thereby improving your digestion and also helps in reducing hunger thereby preventing you from over eating which will help you in getting rid of those love handles. You can also add some pepper to your lemon juice. Pepper is known to contain a chemical called piperine. This chemical interferes with the genes that control the production of fat cells. It also helps you in absorbing added nutrients from your food. It also helps in reducing fat levels in your blood stream.

12. Have Figs in Your Daily Diets

Figs are a rich source of calcium, potassium, iron and fiber along with numerous vitamins including vitamin B1, B2 and vitamin A that are essential for optimal body working. You can choose to include figs in your breakfast. Whole grain food with high fibre for breakfast is essential for losing those love handles. On the other hand, over intake of figs is not good for your health; so it is suggested to include small portions of this source of fibre in your daily diet. Fiber helps in digestion and slows sugar absorption which aids in keeping fat accumulation in check. One can have a few of these twigs on diets or as dry fruit on a daily basis for better results. You can also include figs in your oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast.

So, start adopting these remedies into your lifestyle, and take the first step towards bidding farewell to those love handles.

6 Effective Exercises to Lose Love Handles

Effective Exercises to Lose Love Handles


This is one of best known technique among the other home remedies for lose love handles fast. Cycling for a few kilometers every morning and evening will help the love handles tone down their rhetoric along with strengthening thigh muscles.

love handles exercise


This is an easy way to bring intensity right to your belly and have the fat hanging around slim up. Go jogging early in the morning for best results and do it as long as you can sustain the pressure and intensity. Daily practicing provides guaranteed results but one can take it at four days a week if they can’t afford the daily intensity.

love handles exercise

Standard Crunch

Crunches bring folding right to the waist line but you must be careful to take them slow lest you lose out on them. Start off with a minimal count then gradually increase every day for best results. Having them early morning and late evenings has proven effective for most persons.

love handles exercise girl

Leg Flutters

These are aimed at firming the abdominal muscles while strengthening the back. As the intensity and stretch catches up with the lower belly, the fat will be forced to melt away and leave behind the tough muscles without fat so you win the battle so easily. One has to lie on the stomach lifting their head then kick the limbs back and forth as long as you can.

love handles Leg Flutters exercise

Twisting Crunches

These crunches are much like the regular crunches except that a knee is raised and touched with an elbow of the opposite arm.

Twisting Crunches love handles

Standing Trunk Twists

One needs to stand upright with a distance of about one foot separating the legs. Twist your trunks to the opposite side while occasionally punching in the air. Twenty five repetitions for each arm a day are a recommended set for optimal results.

Standing Trunk Twists love handles



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