15 Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Diaper Rash – Give Your Child the Utmost Care

Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Diaper Rash

A new parent’s nightmare comes true when her baby suffers from diaper rush and gets irritable. Statistics has shown that the percentage of bad diaper rash remains static for the last 30 years world-wide. May be the number of cases about severe diaper rash have decreased over the time (due to advanced treatment and top-notch quality diapers); it still causes lots of pain and annoyance among children and parents alike.  In this article, we will discuss what triggers those red prickly bumps, the symptoms and the treatments to get rid of them thoroughly.

What causes baby diaper rash?

Run through the below-mentioned reasons that may lead to diaper rash in toddlers-

  • Diaper rash from diarrhea or erratic bowel movement is quite common.
  • If the diaper area remains wet due to unwashed excreta- it can produce red spots.
  • Prolonged moistness gives birth to yeast diaper rash.
  • When the baby starts chewing solid foods, the stool structure may get spoiled- thus resulting in nappy rash.
  • Same happens when the nursing mother goes through dietary changes- affecting breast-milk.
  • Anti-biotic can set off diaper rash, because it destroys beneficial bacteria which otherwise, halts unbridled yeast growth.
  • If the nappy is fragrant or contains left-over detergents, then a sensitive baby skin is prone to diaper rash.
  • Changing diaper brands frequently or using cheap quality nappies can develop rash.

What are the symptoms of baby diaper rash?

The subsequent symptoms go along with diaper rash –

  • The spread of tiny, prickly, red spots in the genitalia.
  • Sudden surge of red patches in lower belly, buttock and thighs.
  • The baby showing signs of crankiness- every time wearing the nappy.
  • A strong smell of ammonia gushing out during diaper-change.
  • Bulbous blisters full with oozes appearing in the creases of genitalia- because of yeast infection.
  • The toddler putting her hands inside the diaper most of the times, and scratching the area.
  • Swell of red spots in lower belly which are abnormally bright in color and feel warm when you touch them.
  • The baby crying loudly even if you put a finger on his diaper zone during the time of wash/nappy change.

A list of natural remedies for getting rid of diaper rash:

1. Frequent change of diaper

The chief reason behind diaper rash is soiled nappy- sticking too long with sensitive skin of the baby. So it’s not difficult to figure out that the best home treatment would be- frequently changing the diaper in a day. No matter how reputed the diaper brand is and the amount of claims it made about the longevity of its product, altering the nappy several times a day is one of the best home remedies for getting rid of diaper rash.

2. Regular serving of yogurt

For yeast infection (popularly known as Candida), small serving of yogurt is quite useful. Yogurt has the pro-biotic property to stave off acid formation in the baby’s stomach, especially when the child consumes fruit juice every day. For the best effect, Google search for recipes on- how to prepare sugar-free yogurt at home. Also make cooling paste with yogurt and lather the rash-infected baby parts with it.

3. Regular breast-feeding

This is another most prudent home remedies for getting rid of nappy rush. When a child has stronger immunity system, she doesn’t need rampant dosages of anti-biotic anymore. It’s a well-known fact that, anti-biotic sometimes provokes yeast infection amidst toddlers. So breast-feed your child as many times as possible. Also the nursing mother should check out her own diet too, because, consumption of junk foods, alcohol or cigarette can contaminate the breast-milk too.

4. Using zinc-oxide cream/petroleum jelly

Using zinc-oxide based cream on the prickly bumps doesn’t require a prescription from the doctor. You can get it as over-the-counter (OTC) product. A cream with zinc-oxide as a main ingredient, will act like a barrier between the baby’s skin and the further yeast development. For more protection, you can apply a layer of petroleum jelly on top of the cream too. But remember, in both the cases, always go for thin layering.  Also never opt for a zinc-oxide lotion as it tends to close of the skin pores- thus halting air-exposure.

5. Virgin coconut oil

Mix multiple spoons of virgin coconut oil with bath water and give your child a thorough wash, especially on the rash-distressed body parts. This will simply sooth the irritating skin and put the child at ease. Do you know that coconut oil has some antibacterial as well as anti-fungus properties? Take advantage of them via moisturizing the baby’s diaper area with it- twice a day.

6. White Vinegar

Most of us can’t afford the luxury of using one-time diapers for our toddlers. Many households prefer cloth nappies over store-bought ones. In both the cases, the gradual build-up of detergent (even if it’s mild) can only advance the nappy rash on the already affected baby-skin. White vinegar comes handy here, as it has the power to stop the yeast advancement on diaper area. So one of the best home remedies for getting rid of nappy rush is- adding half-cup of white vinegar with half-bucket of water and  using the solution to wash diapers.

7. Daily wash

Your baby may fidget, throw tantrums or cry every time you try to give her genitalia a good bath. Don’t feel helpless and go ahead with your task. It’s supremely important that you use mildly warm water and gentle, chemical-free baby soap while washing your baby every day. Until the rash vanishes completely, avoid the scented baby soaps too.

8. Letting the air circulate freely

Free-flow of air is mandatory for nappy-rash healing.  Make a resolution to shop for larger diapers and loose baby- clothes. Similarly, tight-fitting pants, plastic made covers are strict no-no for your baby in this period.  One of the best home remedies for getting rid of diaper rash would be- to let your child go diaper free for few times in a day.

9. Oatmeal wash

Oatmeal is not merely a good breakfast option; it’s extremely healthy for your baby to bath in oatmeal-soaked water twice a day, especially when she is ailing from diaper rash. Oatmeal has high amount of protein as well as saponin composites. The former gives your baby’s body a mild scrub and also acts as a protective wall just like the petroleum jelly or the zinc-oxide based cream. The saponin gets rid of excess oil from the skin pores. Adding one spoon full of oatmeal powder into water makes for a soothing solution. Let the baby dip into it for minimum 15 minutes every day, before you give her a proper bath.

10. Checking out food sensitivity

Food sensitivity plays a prominent role in magnifying diaper rash in a baby. We know that it’s an exciting time for a parent, when her child starts consuming solid foods slowly. But our advice is- don’t rush into things. Give your child one type of food at a time and then slowly wait for the reactions. Generally it shall take 1-2 days to develop any kind of food related allergy in a toddler. If it seems that the baby’s body is receptive to that particular food, then switch to another type.  This is all the more applicable when it comes to fruit juices such as- strawberry or orange.

11. Shea butter

The healing property of Shea butter is well advertised in the body moisturizers’ market for adults. But you will be amazed to know that- Shea butter is equally beneficial for the skin of your baby especially during nappy rash. The anti-inflammatory element of Shea butter has a calming effect on the baby’s irritating skin. Coat the affected parts with Shea butter twice a day- for maximum result. Also this butter has lots of vegetable lard. This augers well for blood circulation and cell re-growth for the toddler. Use the virgin, unscented Shea butter for your child.

12. Putting off baby powder for time-being

We know that baby powder is an integral part of baby care. But do you know that a talcum based baby powder can trigger breathing problems in your child? Though it doesn’t have direct link with diaper rash, but a respiratory ailment definitely cuts back on the immunity system of the toddler. Similarly, stay away from the cornstarch-based powder too, as it intensifies Candida.  Either way, a proper treatment can alleviate nappy rush within 3-5 days. For time being, you can use French green clay instead. First make a fine dust out of the clay and then shake over little amount of particles on the rash-laden area.

13. Baking Soda

The healing and relaxing property of baking soda is quite popular among new mothers to cure their babies’ diaper rash syndrome. A simple mixture of around two tablespoons of baking soda and 4 cups of water can do wonder for healing the affected skin of  your child. If you think it’s is not enough, then how about combining the similar amount of baking soda in a baby-tub full of water? In both the cases, once you are done with giving your baby the bath, pat dry her skin immediately.

14. Using wipes made from wash-cloths

The market may lure you with fancy baby wipes with big claims. But don’t get mesmerized by them, especially with a child going through nappy rash. Instead of that, go back to basic and use wipes- made from washcloths. They are gentle on skin, don’t contain any artificial fragrance as well as mild chemical compounds, and are totally organic. It’s also easy to clean up these homely wipes and re-using them.

15. Egg whites

Just like oatmeal, the protein compound of egg white is favorable for baby skin healing and cell renewal. Make a weak paste of egg white with little bit of water and cover your baby’s diaper rashes thinly with it. Leave it for, say, 10 minutes and then thoroughly wash and pat-dry the parts. This home treatment is fairly under-appreciated but a Google search can lead you to mothers- who have used this method before.

Precautions to put a stop to diaper rashes:

  • Use gauze or tissue to dry up the diaper area of the baby post- bath.
  • Always wash your hands before you change the nappy of your child.
  • Rubber pants or air-tight undies are strict no-no for the toddler.
  • Let her play naked thrice a day ( each session lasting from 10-15 minutes)
  • Never use fabric softener to wash reusable nappies.
  • Don’t rub the baby’s skin. Instead, pat it dry.
  • Don’t apply any fancy OTC ointment for curing diaper rash without consulting the doctor.

The above mentioned home remedies for getting rid of nappy rash are tried and tested before. But if the rashes become persistent and refuse to go away after 7 days, then take your baby to a specialist without further delay.


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