8 Types of Foods to Avoid During Weight Loss – Say NO to these foods right NOW!

Foods to Avoid During Weight Loss

If you’re eager to let loose a few pounds, you have to keep a strict watch on your diet. This doesn’t mean that you linger towards an anorexic lifestyle! A healthy and balanced diet is an essential form of losing weight. Tone your fitness regime with a few exercises and yoga and you’re all set, but do you know what’s good for you? You might enjoy eating out at your favorite burger joints or perhaps a cola on a hot sunny day but is it causing weight gain? A lot of weight loss experts believe that the food we love to eat most is usually responsible for weight gain. It’s alright to indulge in a few treat now and then, but complete denial can lead to over eating or hunger pangs. If you’re trying to achieve and manage weight loss, there are few foods that shouldn’t be consumed on a regular basis, especially excessive fats and calorie rich edibles.

Avoid Diet Mistakes: “Want to lose weight fast – Say NO to these foods right NOW!”

According to research, a diet that contains 2000 calories should contain no more than 66 grams of fats, 300 grams of carbohydrates and 2400 milligrams sodium. Even with calorie restriction, belly fat isn’t easy to rid off. But if you incorporate the right nutrition like fiber rich avocados and super veggies like broccoli, spinach, beets and kelp that are rich in vitamins with the least amount of calories, you’re living healthy. For people who’re eager to lose weight, it is necessary to decrease eating certain foods that are hard to resist. Here is a list of foods that you must avoid for substantial weight loss –

1. Excessive Carbohydrates

Avoid foods that contain excessive carbohydrates that is stored in the blood; however, to counter a sugar rush, your body produces a lot of insulin that as a result leads to low blood pressure. You might think snacking on carbohydrate rich foods like rice cakes, bread cakes, chocolates etc can ease the hunger pangs; however, it is better to consume foods that provide a wholesome combination of proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates. Instead try a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast or bran cereal, maybe low fat cheese crackers and fresh fruits. You might feel sugar-free products are a healthier alternative however such products like a can of cola, contain processed sugar which will easily increase insulin level and cause cardiac problems.

2. Frozen Meals

Food manufacturers believe storing fresh vegetables in the freezer with a dab of sodium preservative will increase the product’s shelf life, however it does destroy wholesome nutrients as well. Sodium increases water retention but if consumed will eventually cause your body to bloat up and you might just not feel light at all. Increase the quantity of low calorie foods and avoid frozen foods especially the ones that are small in size to avoid calorie build up. Frozen meals are dangerous choice especially since they’re low on fat and usually contain over 1000 calories. Instead just save up portions from every meal, reheat and snack on them whenever you’re hungry.

3. High Fiber Snacks

High fiber snack bars most definitely should be off your list dietary essentials while you’re busy trying to lose weight. Though the body does need its fibers fiber rich snack bars should be avoided. Instead mix up a salad of leafy green vegetables or enjoy a meal of potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, beetroot etc cooked and spiced, that are the best form of consuming high fibers. Avoid any form of processed foods that contain artificial sweeteners, synthetic fibers and minerals. Eating a balanced breakfast is better than overloading your body with snacks like high calorie cereals, frozen yogurt and flavored syrups etc that are quite unhealthy.

4. Juice

Everyone loves a bite of an apple but consuming fruits in the form of juice can definitely increase calorie intake. Eating a single orange everyday is quite different from consuming 2-3 that are used for making juice. In turn you consume the excess sugars especially when Fructose blunts the body’s ability to recognize if it’s full or not. This is why fruit juices are restricted for diabetic insulin resistant patients. Also avoid consuming tropical fruits like mangoes, pineapples etc that are extremely rich in calories. Look for varieties that contain suitable amount of fibers, soluble and insoluble, sugar and vitamins.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol doesn’t support weight loss but actually causes your body to gain more pounds. Though alcohol is nothing but empty calories it can have a severe effect on the liver and impairs judgment and softens your resolve. The liver can no longer remove toxins efficiently if you’re consuming alcohol on a regular basis. It can have a residual effect on the body that often results in weight gain especially since it slows metabolism. The ideal weight loss diet restricts alcohol intake since alcohol is diuretic and leads to instant dehydration. If you are an occasional drinker ensure you consume a lot of water and avoid any form of alcohol intake which is in excess.

6. Multi-Grain Bread

You’re missing out on a large amount of vitamins and minerals if you’re consuming multi-grain bread. This is because multi-grain bread is processed and cured, which strips off the fiber and nutrients from the bread. You should definitely change your brand and opt for whole grain bread that is more filling and rich in nutrients. For those who prefer a different mix, try sourdough bread that is known for its healthy combination of fats and fibers. Whole grains that are preferred for weight loss diet contain better dietary fibers and take time to get absorbed. Folic acid, phosphorus, zinc, copper, calcium and vitamins are technically absent in multi-grain bread especially if it is refined and processed.

7. Pastas & Noodles

We all love a frequent Italian takeout or a pack of noodles during the weekends; however, you shouldn’t make it a habit to consume excess carbohydrates. Weight loss can only be controlled if you’re reducing heavy intake of flour processed items. Whether you’re enjoying a midnight snack of crispy noodles or a plateful of Penne Pasta, dipped in white sauce, the fats in cheese and the carbohydrates in the noodles/pasta will certainly make you gain more. One cup of pasta contains 220 calories and a high volume of carbohydrates, around 8 grams of protein and 2.5 grams of fiber (white pasta cooked) so it isn’t a surprise that avoiding such dairy products has become a must.

8. Low Fat Foods

There are plenty of foods that contain fatty acids that are quite harmful for your health. Peanut butter is a fat enriched product that is also packed with high calories. Low fat ice cream is another no-no on your dietary list especially since it contains high calories. If you’re trying to lose weight, instead opt for bananas mixed with ice cream that gives you an amazing blend of nutrients. Many feel that the key to lowering cholesterol is by avoiding saturated fat so switch to frying your breakfast in healthy vegetable oils, margarine, lard etc. To lose out the spare tire from your body, you shouldn’t hesitate to consume lean meats and fish however avoid heavy red meats that are laden with fatty acids.


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