17 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Heat Rashes – Say Goodbye Once and for All

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Heat Rashes

We have all developed red itchy rashes at some point in our lives; some experience this problem as frequently as after every few months, while others experience it more around a particular season. These little red spots are called heat rashes; they are formed when sweat glands get obstructed, causing the skin to swell up in reaction. Heat bumps generally occur on the neck, face, arms, backside, chest, and groin regions. While a physician’s consultation is recommended, using commonly found household remedies can help alleviate the affected condition. We have put together some of the best-known home remedies for getting rid of heat rashes.

What causes Heat Rashes? 

Some of the underlying reasons for the manifestation of heat rashes are as follows:

  • Humid weather conditions
  • Clogged sweat pores
  • Skin irritants
  • Allergic reactions
  • Excessive physical activity
  • Tight restrictive clothing
  • Poor hygienic conditions
  • Dehydration
  • Excessive Perspiration
  • Junk food consumption

What are the symptoms related to Heat Rashes?

Heat rashes generally come with telltale signs in the form of:

  • Formation of Blisters
  • Severe Itchiness
  • Reddish infected spots
  • Prickly heat feeling
  • Burning skin sensation
  • Fever in children
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Excessive skin inflammation

Home Remedies for curing Heat Rashes

By utilizing the following methods, one can prepare for heat rashes with the help of items commonly found in your home.

1. Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal is a commonly found dish in many households, adding a good amount of oatmeal to your bath water can decrease inflammation instantly. Oatmeal is known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties and is a great way to cool your skin. An oatmeal bath is one of the fastest acting home remedies for getting rid of heat rashes.

2. Ginger

Ginger is well known to contain medicinal and healing properties. A good way to achieve instant relief from skin rashes is to crush a piece of ginger root in a bowl and then proceed to boil it in water. After a few minutes of warming the water, take a piece of cloth and dip it into the ginger solution and gently apply it on the affected area, this should help soothe the condition and bring down the redness.

3. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil possesses many antibacterial properties, it’s advised to apply a few drops of oil into the lukewarm bathwater and submerge your entire body in the solution for a good 10 minutes. This relieves the aggravated area and considerably helps in calming the affected area. Another convenient way to apply lavender oil, if you don’t have access to a bathtub, is by dipping a cloth into the solution and dabbing it directly on top of the rashes.

4. Coriander Leaves with Rosewater

Another effective way to treat heat rashes is by taking a few dried coriander leaves and grinding them in a bowl to create a base powder. Add a little bit of rosewater into the bowl and mix them to create a paste, after a few minutes of resting, apply the blended mixture gently on top of the troubled area. Coriander leaves contain numerous antiseptic properties while rosewater contains healing elements, the two complement each other to relieve heat rashes rather well.

5. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a popular agent in calming redness as well as inflammatory regions. For a convenient anytime prickly heat cure, add one or two teaspoons of baking soda to a small quantity of warm water, after ensuring it’s well diluted, use a clean washcloth and dip it into the solution. Wring out the excess water and apply the warm compress upon the itchy areas to relieve the rashes. Baking soda is also safe for kids and is a recommended remedy to apply on baby skin.

6. Camphor with Neem Oil

A lesser known alternative to curing heat rashes. Take a bowl and crush a piece of camphor into fine grounded powder, add a bit of neem oil to the powder and create a paste by stirring it. Once the paste is nice and sticky, apply the blend to the affected area and experience instant rejuvenation. Camphor relieves burning sensations while neem oil is known to relieve swelling and wounds.

7. Ice Pack

The traditional ice pack utilized by people over the years for all sorts of ailments, it comes as no surprise that an icepack would be eventually featured on the list. Wrapping a few ice cubes in a washcloth or using an ice bag, apply the ice compress gently onto the problem area to experience instant relaxation from the discomfort caused by rashes.

8. Sandalwood Talc

Remember the age old advice of all moms suggesting their kids to apply sandalwood powder to subdue the rashes? Well, moms were indeed right on the target; sandalwood contains soothing elements that calm aggravated areas and provide instant cooling sensation to prickly heat affected areas. So the next time you plan on heading towards a more humid part of the globe, ensure you carry a bottle of sandalwood powder.

9. Aloe Vera

The next time you ponder on how to get rid of a heat rash, consider using aloe vera. Available in gel and ointment forms, aloe vera is a reliable treatment for heat rashes and provides moisturizing properties to the affected area even long after application. You could also keep an aloe vera plant and crush its leaves to apply on the affected area for instant relief.

10. Watermelon

Watermelon is one among the popular home remedies for getting rid of heat rashes. To apply, first de-seed the fruit and beat the fruit to a pump with a pestle inside a bowl. Take the mashed pulp and apply it on the different afflicted regions on the body to experience instant comfort from the stinging sensation.

11. Fullers Earth

Take 5 tablespoons of Fuller’s earth and mix it with a cup of water to form a hard paste, now apply the thick paste onto the affected regions thoroughly, allow the mixture to dry up and rinse it off with running water to gain relief from itchiness as well as reducing redness.

12. Lime Juice

Lime juice is filled with antioxidants; this assists in relieving infected regions of the skin almost instantly upon application. Squeeze a freshly cut lime and mix it with a few drops of water, allow the lime juice to dilute well with the water to avoid an acidic reaction. Apply tiny amounts of lime juice to the distressed areas for relief.

13. Papaya

While you are stuck and wondering what to do for rash affected areas, we have a tropical fruit that when mashed into a pulp and applied to an affected area, provides immediate relief. Yes! We are talking about the mystical papaya and its curative properties.

14. Honey

Honey has always been a natural cure for many ailments, it’s no different when used for curing heat rashes. Honey has numerous amounts of antiseptic properties as well an envious range of medicinal properties that make it a perfect candidate for healing skin rashes.

15. Cucumber

Cucumbers provide hydration and cooling properties to burning regions of the skin. Placing cucumber slices on top of the afflicted region can chill the targeted area and provide you with much-needed relief from the burning sensation. Cucumbers are almost always found in households and are amongst the top home remedies for getting rid of heat rashes.

16. Sugarcane Juice

Apart from topical application, here is a fun way to get rid of heat rashes and that is by consuming adequate amounts of sugarcane juice. Sugarcane juice contains essential minerals and nutrients that help the body maintain a stable and cool temperature. With the buildup of heat within the body, you are prone to developing heat rashes. So the next time you feel dehydrated, don’t forget to consume a healthy quantity of sugarcane juice.

17. Gram Flour

A list of home remedies for getting rid of heat rashes is incomplete without the use of Gram Flour. By applying gram flour mixed with water to the aggravated area, it promotes the absorption of moisture from the target area and clears up all the sweat pores. This alleviates the targeted region and ensures quick healing.

What can be done to prevent Heat Rashes?

Precautionary measures that need to be taken to prevent heat rashes are:

  • Wear loose clothing
  • Avoid the sun
  • Practice mild exercises
  • Consumption of fruits
  • Avoid heavy makeup
  • Shower twice daily
  • Change bedsheets regularly

In case the skin conditions still persist after a day or two of applying the following remedies, seek immediate medical help by consulting a dermatologist or a general physician.


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