15 Best Home Remedies Cure for Hidradenitis Suppurativa – Know the Symptoms and Causes

Home Remedies & Treatment for hidradenitis suppurativa

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a skin condition which results in the patient developing lumps under the skin. The size of these lumps can vary from as small as pea sized to as big as marble sized. Another term for this skin disease is acne inversa. These lumps are known to develop in the areas where skin rubs together, like the groin, between the buttocks, under the breasts and underarms. This skin disease sometimes turns out to be embarrassing, uncomfortable and at times slightly difficult to deal with. The fact that there exists no complete cure for hidradenitis suppurativa is highly regrettable. But there exists a few remedies which can help you deal with the pain and symptoms that accompany this disease.

Causes of hidradenitis suppurativa:

  • Friction resulting from body folds and clothing
  • Abnormal immune reaction to commensal bacteria
  • Inflammation and blockage of hair follicles
  • Irregular response from the immune system
  • Excessive weight issues
  • Blockage of sweat glands
  • Smoking
  • Release of cytokines
  • Inflammation that causes rupture of the follicular wall resulting in damage of the apocrine ducts and glands
  • Minor bacterial infection
  • Certain types of drugs

Symptoms of hidradenitis suppurativa:

The following symptoms generally accompany hidradenitis suppurativa:

  • Inflamed and painful bump under the skin
  • Repeated occurrence of lump in the same area
  • Itchy lumps
  • Small areas of skin having blackheads
  • Tender lumps that often break open and release pus
  • Tunnels that from when the lumps beneath the skin connect to form a tract
  • Painful lumps that’s persist for quite a few weeks
  • Mild symptoms include hormonal changes, stress, excess weight gain

Though there still doesn’t exist a complete cure of this disease, the good news is there are a few home remedies and precautions that you can follow to manage the discomfort and the pain caused by the symptoms of hidradenitis suppurativa.

Following mentioned are 15 best home remedies to treat hidradenitis suppurativa:

1. Rub alcohol on the wound

Before getting excited about this remedy, a word of caution; make sure you don’t have any open lump or wound before taking the help of alcohol to treat this disease. If applied to open wounds, the condition of the patient may worsen. This is known to be a trustworthy remedy. Patients who have used this home remedy on their own closed wounds have claimed that it gives respite from the pain and discomfort.

How to apply this remedy

Take a Q tip and dip it in alcohol fully soaking it. Apply it onto the lumps and bumps. Apply this remedy whenever you feel the need for some relief from the painful symptoms. For added relief, you can use essential oils like lavender oil.

2. A refreshing oil bath

Hot baths are known to be soothing and an immense stress reliever. In the case of hidradenitis suppurativa, a hot bath is acknowledged to be one of the most calming cures. This will help you in soothing your irritated skin and give you both mental and physical relaxation. You can add some oil to this hot bath to increase the impact of this remedy. Among a wide assortment of essential oils, tea tree oil is said to be the best choice for this. Other than tea tree oil, you can also choose to use olive oil. The advantage of using olive oil is that it is one of the most common varieties of oil that most probably is easily available in your kitchen. There are certain people with sensitive skin and might be allergic to certain oils. In such cases, it is advised to consult a doctor before using any kind of oil with your hot bath.

3. Try and avoid shaving

One of the main causes of hidradenitis suppurativa is friction that affects the skin in certain areas of your body. Unfortunately, in some of these areas you experience regular hair growth which you take care of by shaving. For example, few of the most common areas which might be affected might this skin disease is the groin, the pubic area and the armpits. These areas are most likely to develop lumps under the skin. It is crucial for you to avoid shaving these areas when suffering from breakouts as there is a high probability that the blades of the razor might leave the wounds open and that would create a bigger problem for you in the future. If it is absolutely necessary for you to get rid of body hair from these parts, consult your doctor to see if there is any alternative option that you can opt for.

4. Wear loose clothes

It is not a breaking news that tight fitting clothes are most responsible for making you sweat, especially during summers. Sweat and friction are two major causes of hidradenitis suppurativa. A simple home remedy that will help you avoid suffering from this uncomfortable skin disease is to take care of your choice of clothing. Try and wear clothing that is loose and comfortable so as to avoid friction between the skin and cloth and side-step any possibility of breakouts in that area. This hidradenitis suppurativa cure is also applicable for undergarments. Avoid tight fitted bras and underwear. It is also advisable for ladies to opt for classic type of underwear and not thongs. Furthermore, it is best to go for cotton clothing as this fabric lets your skin breathe and keeps your body from excessive sweating.

5. Consume healthy food

Most of the diseases that we suffer from have a direct connection with the food we eat; and so does hidradenitis suppurativa. It is crucial that you eat healthy while suffering from this disease and avoid junk and unhealthy food. Many patients suffering from hidradenitis suppurativa have given a huge thumbs-up to the Paleo diet. This diet is mainly bases on a lot of vegetable and an assortment of meat. But, it is advised to stay away from red meat. Few foods that you should stay away from while enduring hidradenitis suppurativa are beef, wheat, tomatoes, peppers, grains and eggplant. And some food that you are recommended and advised to include in your diet are low fructose fruits like berries and melons.

6. Hygiene maintenance

The hidradenitis suppurativa disease is very closely related to your hygiene. Bad hygiene can be a major cause for you to suffer from this skin disease. People, who are prone to excess sweating, should give serious efforts towards maintaining their hygiene. When you suffer from breakouts, make sure to clean and wash the affected parts and areas with antiseptic soap. It is better to avoid using a deodorant if you are going through breakouts in your underarms. But in case you do want to use a deodorant, make sure to use a crystal deodorant. And last but not the least; apply a regular antiseptic cream to soothe the irritated skin.

7. Staying fit is essential

It might sound insensitive, but your chances of having hidradenitis suppurativa increases if you are overweight or chubby. The fatter your body is the more is the chance of friction. When the skin rubs against each other, that part of the skin starts sweating and you start getting boils and lumps. The most common area that gets affected due to this is the inner thighs. What should you do in order to avoid this? All you have to focus on is staying fit and try to lose excess weight.

8. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the best natural home remedies that are available for you. Aloe Vera is used for heaps of medical conditions and illness, including hidradenitis suppurativa. Aloe Vera has very strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to this, it can be positively acknowledged as an effective and a fantastic cure for hidradenitis suppurativa. Aloe Vera is also known to prevent further infection of the wound by combating skin fungus. This home remedy is definitely worth considering, to help you cure this ailment.

How to apply this remedy

Get an aloe vera plant, cut a leaf, extract the gel and apply it onto the affected area till you start getting some relief from the pain.

9. Quit smoking

Smoking as is commonly known to be injurious to health. But it is specifically harmful for people suffering from hidradenitis suppurativa. It is stated in the American Department of Dermatology that quitting smoking can decrease the acuteness of this disease and reduce inflammation. Leaving cigarettes will not only help you deal with hidradenitis suppurativa, it will also keep you healthy and fit.

10. Hot compress

Hot compress works wonders on swelled and painful rashes and wounds.

How to apply this remedy

Let a hot compress cool down slightly and then carefully apply it on the wounded area. Once you keep doing this, the inflammation will decrease and provide you some relief from the irritated skin. In case you don’t own a hot compress, you can easily make one by soaking a clean small towel in hot water and lightly applying it on the affected portion. This will give you immediate relief from the pain or burn.

11. Tea bag

The American Academy of Dermatology informs that tea bags are a good remedy for swelling. This remedy doesn’t really cure the disease but it will definitely help you get some respite from your sticky state.

How to apply this remedy

Prepare a cup of tea and soak the tea bag in the tea. Once the tea bag seeps for a minute, take it out and place it on the affected area. As advised for the hot compress, keep the tea bag on the wound for approximately 10 minutes.

12. Turmeric

Turmeric is a magic ingredient that is used to heal several skin related diseases. One among them is hidradenitis suppurativa. There is a reason why this ingredient is called a super food. It is used in several home remedies against various types of ailments.

How to apply this remedy

Take one teaspoon of turmeric and mix it in milk. Drink this mix twice a day to get relief from hidradenitis suppurativa. You can also choose to go for turmeric capsules. In that case, pop four capsules a day. People suffering from this disease have claimed that this home remedy truly works wonders for boils and lumps.

13. Avoid self-harming the skin

Do not try to squeeze the pus out of the boils. They will ooze out of their own accord. Make sure not to press the sores and pimples. It might end up causing infection and give you more to worry about.

14. Follow a good skin care routine

You need to take extra care of your skin when you are suffering from hidradenitis suppurativa. This is true regarding any skin disease. Make sure you wash your hands with an antiseptic soap before touching your wound. Wash the affected part with clean hands and never use loofahs or other clothing items. Apply an antibiotic cream prescribed by the doctor after washing the wound. Be careful to not use any skin care product that might irritate the skin.

15. Vinegar

This particular home remedy should always be used with extra caution. It has known to cause some sort of skin damage to a few people. However, apple cider vinegar or white wine vinegar is particularly known to reduce the extent and severity of hidradenitis suppurativa when it is added to bathwater. But you should be careful and not carry out this home remedy on a regular basis as it might cause skin irritation.

Precautions to avoid hidradenitis suppurativa

Following are some precautions that should be taken to avoid hidradenitis suppurativa:

  • Stay avoid
  • Avoid products containing nicotine
  • Zinc salts are believed to help avoid this disease
  • Keep yourself clean and keep areas like your groin and underarms clean

The above mentioned are a few most effective home remedies that will help you deal with hidradenitis suppurativa in an easier way. When suffering from this disease, follow these remedies, whichever seems to be working for you.


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