14 Splendid Tips to Improve Stamina and Energy Level

14 Splendid Tips to Improve Stamina and Energy Level

We’re all familiar with the feeling of being completely drained out at the end of a long day or night. Sometimes, nothing can motivate you to get out and about even if it’s a free drink or some amazing food. And although most would attribute fatigue with being overworked or even age, seldom few understand that it’s all about stamina. But what is stamina, and why is it such a big deal?

Well, stamina is the body’s ability to carry out a strenuous activity for a prolonged period of time, both physical and mental. That’s right, you need stamina to do things like read a book or choose the color of that new dress you’re going to buy. And although stamina is required for mental activities, it is most commonly associated with physical stress. Exercise builds muscle, stamina is required to exercise, and exercise will build endurance. Stamina is more than just the physical or mental ability to perform a task for an extended period of time. It is a means of increasing your energy levels thereby boosting your overall level of endurance.

Stamina isn’t just something that athletes require, it is something that each and every one of us needs in order to meet the demands of modern life and gives people that extra boost so that they can pull through their day. Either way, it’s something that everyone needs to develop, right from a race car driver to a marathon runner. So, here are a home remedies that you can try on your own so as to increase your stamina and overall energy levels.

1. Start Slowly

Some might think if it as stating the obvious, but the fact remains that most people go all out on an activity, when they just can’t handle it. So, if you’ve recently begun working out or taken up a new kind of activity, start out slow so that you and your body can get accustomed to your new routine. It’s always best to start with baby steps before jumping into a rigorous routine.

2. Protein All the Way

Most associate excess of protein with high cholesterol and hypertension, but protein is an important source of energy that will help build one’s stamina. It’s also important to eat good quality proteins, the ones that contain essential amino acids that our bodies require to function properly. Whether its mental stress or physical strain, make sure to include protein rich foods including eggs, low fat milk and other dairy products, and lean white meats like chicken and fish.

3. Cardio Exercise

One of the most effective and natural ways of boosting stamina is to dedicate some time to perform cardiovascular exercises. These are exercises that you’re most likely to perform for short periods of time, while exerting yourself a lot, and Include activities like jogging, running, jumping, skipping, swimming, and so on. Works best when you gradually increase the intensity of such activities over time.

4. Increase Magnesium Intake

Eating a balanced diet might help you increase your stamina marginally, but if you’re ever in need of an immediate energy boost, you should consider increasing your magnesium intake. In fact, a lot of healthy individuals suffer from magnesium deficiencies and might need a supplement or two to get back on track. Studies have revealed that the daily recommended intake of magnesium is about 300 mg for women and 350 mg for men. Nuts such as almonds, hazel or cashew are a great source of magnesium and should be a part of anyone’s diet. Many varieties of fish are also rich in magnesium.

5. Move About

Although it might seem like a step in the wrong direction, moving around a little bit when you are totally drained out is said to boost stamina because you’re still pushing yourself even when your body says no. This can also improve your body’s endurance levels. Increasing physical activity is said to increase energy, and light activities like walking can really help.

6. Take a Power Nap

Various independent researches have proven that things like information overload, cramming and thinking of too many things at once can deplete your stamina and drain your brain of its energy. But institutes like the National Institutes of Mental Health have revealed that a 60-minute rest period or so-called power naps, can not only reverse the psychological effects of an overloaded brain, but can even enable us to better retain any new information.

7. Never Skip Meals

Studies that have been conducted over decades have proven that people who eat a hearty breakfast tend to have a better start to their day and even show signs of better moods. It has also been observed that those who eat a heavy breakfast tend to eat less over the course of the day. However, diet fads aside, skipping a meal can be very critical to your stamina levels. As the body is deprived of food, it begins to conserve energy and store it for future use, in the fear that it won’t be fed for a long time. Another theory is that breaking fast with a heavy meal will give your body a sudden and sustained boost of energy.

8. Reduce the Amount of Rest

If you’re training for a marathon or looking to build stamina quickly for any other purpose, you’re going to have to reduce the amount of “rest” that you take between sets or routines. This gives your body less time to recuperate, and will eventually lead to increased stamina and endurance.

9. Yoga

Nothing soothes the body like yoga, and as light an exercise as it might seem, yoga can greatly boost the body’s stamina level. So, instead of abusing your body at the gym as it puts unnecessary strain on tissues and ligaments, you could just follow a simple yoga routine that involves a few light breathing and yoga stretches. Yoga not only increases the body’s resistance to the strains of breathing, but will allow you to control your breathing over time. This also makes yoga a great activity for those who suffer from shortness of breath of other respiratory disorders.

10. Walking After Eating

For another natural yet non-strenuous way of increasing your stamina, one could always take a slow yet long walk after having a meal. And since most people tend to sit down, relax or even sleep after having a meal, they don’t realize the negative effect it can have on your stamina. Sleeping is by far the worst as it slows down the body’s metabolism, this making the body sluggish and causes food to be converted into fat. Walking after a meal also inhibits the buildup and formation of toxins within the body.

11. Quit Bad Habits

They’re called bad habits for a reason and it’s pretty obvious that nobody can improve their stamina, or health in general, if they follow bad habits. Not only are you messing with your body’s Zen, but you’re also filling up on harmful toxins that will eventually build up inside your body. This is main reason why doctors and health experts advise us to stay away from harmful substances like drugs, nicotine and alcohol. These habits greatly impair bodily functions and are also the main cause of reduced stamina and endurance. So if you want to improve your body’s condition, it’s important to quit any vices as soon as possible.

12. Maintain Sodium Levels

Sweating is a great way of releasing toxins from the body. But the problem is that as people perspire, the body loses a lot of salt as a result. And low salt levels can cause electrolyte imbalances that not only have adverse health effects, but will also reduce your stamina and make you feel light-headed as well.

13. Increase Carbohydrates

If you think you need a natural boost to increase stamina, try adding carbohydrate-rich foods to your diet. Carbs don’t just provide the body with essential starches and sugars that are useful to the muscles, but they can gradually increase endurance as well. Consume more foods like bread, cereals, fruits & vegetables, and milk.

14. More Whole Grains, Less Sugar

The key to boosting your stamina naturally is to maintain an appropriate blood sugar balance to ensure constant energy flow. This will help you go on for a longer, without tiring out. This is better in comparison to sugar because it causes a temporary spike in blood sugar, followed by and rapid dip, making you sluggish.


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