10 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Pink Eye Naturally

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Pink Eye

The eyes are the doorway to the world. It is obvious that without the eyes, moving from one location to another would be impossible, a situation common with the blind. Since the beginning of human history, humankind has done the best to study, and care for the eyes in the best way possible, ensuring it is in good condition and working right.

What is pink eye

In as much as this is a case that holds, the eyes are prone to illness one such illness being pink eyes. Conjunctivitis is the medical name of pink eyes. Allergies and infections are the major triggers of this disease. The eye has a thin membrane that covers the inner surface of the eyelid as well as the eyeballs. Conjunctivitis inflames these sections of the eyes, resulting to pain, eye drainage and itchiness.

Healing the Pink Eye With Home Remedies

Different writings on pink eyes argue that pink eyes always go away on their own. However, this may take quite some time and because the pain and itchiness is not quite endurable, the use of home remedies is effective to speed up the healing process while lessening the pain and the itchiness of the eyes. Here are simple home remedies to get rid of pink eye, which you can use along the way to eliminate conjunctivitis for good.

1. Carrots

Lack of sufficient vitamin A in the body can trigger pinky eyes. Taking a carrot a day can reduce vitamin A deficiency overtime. This will reduce the itchiness, pain, and eye drainage and speed up the healing process of the eyes.
Note: Do not skip taking a carrot a day. This will help you heal faster from conjunctivitis.

2. Barberry

Barberry is perfect eyewash that has been in use for years in human history. The alkaloid in the root and stem bark fight parasitic, bacterial and viral infections. It is a good choice for pink eyes because it works effectively and you get the best results within a few days.


  • Get only fresh barberry from the barberry plant
  • Boil the fresh barberry in water
  • Let it cool down to room temperature and then rinse your eyes with it.
  • You should use the remedy regularly for the best results.

3. Boric acid

Boric acid is not just useful for those minor burns and cuts people often get themselves into from time to time. Boric acid is a great medicine you can use on your eyes if they are pink.


  • Get boric acid. You can buy it from the local store
  • Mix the acid with water to make a perfect eye wash.
  • Apply the eyewash on your eyes gently and then rinse off after sometime.
  • You should keep using this remedy until the conjunctivitis disappears.

4. Saline water

People who have used Saline water to get rid of pink eyes are thankful they used the remedy because of the quick results returned.


  • Make sure the saline water is warm before you start using it.
  • Pick a clean washcloth and soak it in the warm saline water. Leave the washcloth in the saline water, usually for about five minutes.
  • Wash your hands to make sure they are clean, and dab with a clean towel to dry.
  • Remove the washcloth from the saline water and remove the excess water on it by ringing it out.
  • Dab the washcloth on the eyelid. Please do this gently. Spend at least five to ten minutes dabbing the washcloth on the affected eye(s).

5. Cold compress

A cold compress is a great alternative to seeing a doctor. In fact, it is quite a cheap yet a single most effective approach (choice) for curing pink eyes. Cold compress on a daily from the comfort of your home is just good enough a medication to get rid of pink eyes.


  • Make sure the washcloth you are going to use is clean before you get started
  • Now dip the washcloth in cold water. Let the cloth rest in water for about 5 minutes before you wring out the water from it.
  • Apply the cold compress to your eyes

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Pink Eye

6. Calendula

Calendula looks exactly like the marigold flower. The antiviral, inflammatory, antiseptic and the antibacterial ingredients of calendula are what make it an effective remedy for conjunctivitis. It can sooth irritation of the eyes and minimize discomfort at the same time. Calendula also helps to sooth all the symptoms of the pink eye.


You can use calendula in two ways.

  • Make sure your hands and the pink eyes are clean before applying calendula
  • Put at least two tablespoons of calendula in a clean cup. Pour hot water on the flower and then cover the cup for about 10 to 20 minutes.

7. Using calendula

Option one:

  • Fill the palm of your hand with the liquid and apply it directly on the eyes. Allow the remedy to rest on the eyes for a few minutes before washing off.

Option two:

  • You can dip a small, clean washcloth in the calendula liquid and use it as a compress on the eyes.

8. Tea

You can take either black or green tea regularly to get relief for pink eye. Black and green tea not only fights bacterial infections but also reduces the inflammation caused by conjunctivitis. Make sure you use the remedies on a daily basis for quick results.

9. Honey

Honey is not just a foodstuff. Honey is an effective medicine that has been in use for hundreds of years for curing various illnesses. It is one such an effective remedy for conjunctivitis and guarantee great results when used regularly.


  • Apply the honey as is directly to the redness eye.
  • You can also mix honey with water to make the best eyewash for pink eyes. Boil the mixture stir, let it cool and then apply on the pink eyes.

10. Potato

Did you know that raw potato applied on the eyes can reduce conjunctivitis? Pick fresh potato and apply it often on the eyes for the best results.

 11.  Warm compress

You can use warm compress with essential oil to get rid of pink eyes. Examples of the best oils you can use for the hot compress include chamomile oil, rose oil and lavender oil.

Suggestions to Take Care of Pink Eye

  • Always clean a washcloth before using it
  • Make sure you clean your hands before you apply any remedy as conjunctivitis is highly contagious
  • Do not share your washcloth with anyone who has the same problem as you in the house
  • Use the remedies regularly for effective results
  • It is okay to try a couple of remedies at the same time, but sticking to one is highly recommended


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