Onion Home Remedies – How Onion Can Help You To Treat Several Health Problems

How Onion Can Help You To Treat Several Health Problems

Most people associate onions to be those bulbous Asian herbs that are finely chopped up and added in meals to bring out a delicious flavoring and taste. However, a lesser-known fact is that onions have some incredible health benefits too. For decades now onions have been used as home remedies to cure several life and health problems.
Onions are highly rich in Quercetin. Quercetin is a polyphenol flavonoid that acts as an excellent and natural anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and the perfect anti-oxidants. These excellent herbs are really nothing to cry about and should be incorporated in your daily diet for a good, long and healthy life. Here’s a list of awesome purposes that onions can be used for.

1. Combating Heart Disease Made Easier With Onions!

The polyphenol flavonoid quercetin, which is abundantly found in onions, plays a major role in reducing blood pressure levels. Besides this, onions also assist in keeping the arteries of the heart healthy by avoiding blockages. Thus, lowered blood pressure level, and health and elasticity of arteries of the heart, keep heart attacks and other heart related illnesses at bay.

Method – One can finely chop the onions and add them into their home cooked meals and salads to see the positive effects of onions on the heart.

2. Puts a Crimp in Cancers

Onions have incredible anti-oxidant qualities. When cooked into daily meals, onions have scientifically proven to ward off and even assist in the treatment of cancers. Onions have particularly been proven to assist with colon cancers, brain cancers, and neck cancers. Free radicals that cause severe DNA damage in the body’s cells resulting in cancer can be reduced drastically by the consumption of onions. Consumption of onions has also proven to shrink the size of lethal tumors in the body and often even destroy the tumor cell completely.

3. Incredible Detoxifying Agent

Onions act as an excellent detoxifying agent. Onions are rich in numerous organic sulfur compounds. These compounds provide a wide range of health and life benefits. Besides this, onions are also known to consist of methionine and cysteine. Both these amino acids play a vital role in detoxifying the body. Methionine and cysteine assist in cleansing the body of deadly chemicals like cadmium and mercury.

Method – Add a few onions to your daily meals and salads to experience this bulbous herb’s detoxifying qualities.

4. Inhibits Asthma

Onions are rich in the polyphenol flavonoid quercetin that plays the role of an excellent antihistamine. Besides this, onions are also popularly known for their fantastic anti-inflammatory properties. Both these benefits in onions assist in prevention of release of histamine. Histamine is released by the immune cells and results in severe allergic reactions. Thus, reduction in the histamine levels supported by the anti-oxidant properties of onions work likes a charm in the prevention of asthma.

5. Tackles Tooth Decay

Onions have effectively helped in improving oral health and maintaining dental hygiene. Don’t be fooled by the stinky breath you may develop after the consumption of raw onions. Raw onions ensure elimination of bacteria in the mouth and in turn help in strengthening the teeth. Chewing on raw onions for a few minutes on a daily basis kills all the germs in the mouth that cause tooth decay and oral and dental problems.

6. Combats Diabetes

The essential oil that is found in onions is called allyl propyl disulphide. Allyl propyl disulphide plays a vital role in lowering the glucose levels in the body. Consumption of onions results in increased amounts of free insulin available in the body. The increased amount of insulin in turn reduces the blood sugar levels in the body thereby combating diabetes. Thus people with a diabetic history should consume onions on a daily basis to keep their blood sugar and glucose levels in check.

7. Brimming with Vitamin C

Onions are very rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C assists in increasing the immunity levels of the body. Increased immunity levels in the body help the body fight off infections and illnesses. Besides this, Vitamin C is a great way to combat colds and coughs. If you are suffering from a cold, try consuming a few teaspoons of onion juice mixed with honey to fight off the cold. Increased Vitamin C levels in a woman’s body also help maintain a healthy menstrual cycle.

8. Tackles Digestive Disorders

Onions when ingested increase the release of digestive juices. These digestive juices ensure proper digestion of food and thereby reduced digestive disorders. For all those suffering from digestive disorders like gas, acidity, irritable bowel syndrome, GERD and other digestive disorders consumption of onions on a daily basis are highly recommended.

Method – Add a few finely chopped onions to your home cooked meals.

9. Wards Off Osteoporosis

Onions are rich in fibers, potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and sulphur. These vitamins and minerals help in fighting off and keeping at bay osteoporosis. Onions help in keeping the bones healthy and strong, the muscles sturdy and the joints flexible. If you suffer from osteoporosis and other muscles, joints and bones related illnesses consume an onion a day for an effective and speedy recovery.

Method – Consume a mix of onion juice and honey once a day.

10. Gorgeous Glowing Skin

Onions are extremely rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Besides this onions also have excellent anti oxidant properties. The combination of its anti oxidants and numerous vitamins helps in maintaining a healthy glowing skin. Onions can be applied locally or even ingested to witness its skin benefits.

Method – Apply a mix of onion juice and honey on your skin or even ingestion of the juice and raw onions assists in getting a healthy glowing skin.

11. Melts Away Moles

Onion juice effectively helps in reducing and removing moles. Certain types of moles can be quickly and efficiently removed by spreading onion juice on the mole on a daily basis.

Method – Apply onion juice locally on the mole repeatedly for several days until the mole diminishes or disappears completely.

12. Combats Neurodegenerative Disorders

The anti-oxidant values and minerals and vitamins in onions prevent neurodegenerative disorders.

13. Treats Bee Stings, Bug Bites, Wasp Stings and Bruises

Yet another excellent benefit of onions is that it helps to treat bee stings, wasp stings, bug bites, and bruises. Just slice an onion and hold it over the bruise, bite or sting for a few minutes. This automatically reduces the pain and swelling caused by the bite/sting and bruise.

Method – Take a slice of an onion and hold it down on the sting or bite for a few minutes.
Thus, onions are undoubtedly extremely beneficial for the body and for maintaining good health. Extensive research has been done on the effect of onions on the body and overall health. The health benefits of onions are not just an old wives’ tale but have also been scientifically proven. The numerous health benefits of onions can help in living a long and healthy life. If you wish to witness these health benefits, ensure you incorporate a minimum of one onion a day in your diet. The onions can be cooked into your food, they can be finely chopped and added to your salads, the juice of the onion can be ingested or even applied locally to improve the skin and fight off colds and the flu.

Don’t be fooled by the smelly odor of onions or the fact that they bring you to tears when chopping them. Onions just like apples should be consumed on a daily basis to avoid frequent trips to the doctor, for overall good health and a long life. An onion a day will keep illnesses and doctors at bay.



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