19 Home Remedies on How to Get Rid of Bats – Safe Bat Repellent Ways

19 Home Remedies on how to get rid of Bats
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The problem of bat-infestation is more common than one would be inclined to think. Although bats may not necessarily cause trouble and are in fact a great source for removing insects from the house, their droppings may cause health-related problems – the primary one being histoplasmosis, which manifests in the form of flu-like symptoms. If you are faced with bat-related problems and want to know how to keep them away, look no further, with these home remedies to get rid of bats.


The following are the common causes for bat infestations in homes:-

  • Entry points in the form of holes
  • Unused rooms
  • Piles of old furniture
  • Chimneys and similar structures
  • Entry points in the form of missing or loose tiles
  • Unclean corners in the house
  • Lack of screens or netting on doors and windows


How to identify that your house is serving as a home for bats:-

  • Squeaking, scratching sounds coming from the walls or from unused rooms at dusk or dawn
  • Presence of guano
  • White streaks along walls caused by bat urine
  • Strong, unidentified odors, possibly emanating from the urine or guano
  • Dirt and grease accumulation on walls
  • Presence of bats around your house or in the general vicinity
  • Rub marks around holes or cracks in the building

Bat Repellent Natural Home Remedies

There is no dearth of ways to implement bat eradication or bat removal. Here are a host of effective remedies to get rid of bats:-

1. Moth balls

If there are bats in the house, moth balls are your best bet to get rid of them. Also known as naphthalene balls, these are available at pest control stores. Tie some in a soft cloth and place or hang them around the house.

2. Eucalyptus or peppermint

The smell of both of these is intolerable to bats. Try using eucalyptus oil or eucalyptus-based gels as a natural bat repellent.

3. Cinnamon

Powdered cinnamon is very effective in chasing away bats. Sprinkle some in the bat-infested area, and see results right away.

4. Phenol

The smell of phenol irritates these nocturnal creatures, so it works as an extremely effective home remedy to get rid of bats. Buy white phenol and store it in a spray bottle – use this as bat spray in all the areas occupied by the bats. Keep repeating until the odour gets unbearable and the bats leave.

5. Close all holes and cracks

Perhaps the easiest way to ensure no entry or re-entry by bats in the house is by repairing all the walls in the house. Close all holes, cracks and crevices, and replace or fix broken or cracked tiles. Bats are capable of entering through the smallest areas, even holes that are half an inch or so in width, so this would be the best way to keep them away from the house permanently.

6. Sealants

After you have ensured that the bats have all left at night in search of food, clean out their nesting region(s) and cover them up with sealants, hard board or nets. Make sure you use sufficient amounts of these to prevent them from entering again. Leave moth balls in those areas afterwards to keep them away permanently.

7. Aerosol repellent

Use aerosol dog or cat repellent in the areas occupied by bats, but do this only after an exclusion device has been used to ensure the bats have left the area, at least for some time, otherwise you might end up causing harm to them or even killing them, and killing bats is illegal in certain places in the world, as well as inadvisable in general, as they contribute greatly to maintaining the stability of the ecosystem.

8. Other repellents

Exclusive bat repellents are available in the market in the form of sprays or gels. Use these to chase away bats from your attic, porch or chimney.

9. Water spray

This seems strangely simple, but it is nothing if not effective. Keep spraying water in the areas where the bats roost to get them to move out. The best part is that the water will cause annoyance while ensuring that they are not harmed in the least. Once the bats have left after being sprayed with water several times, clean and seal up the regions. Use Mylar strips or moth balls as additional precautionary measures.

10. 4-The-Birds Gel

A sticky anti-bat gel available all over the world, this is extremely effective in keeping bats away if applied at the entry points. Bats are averse to landing on gels, so a generous use of this product will ensure that they leave. After making sure all of them have indeed left, clean and seal up the roosting areas.

11. Aluminium foil

Aluminium foil is great for use at the entry points as well as nesting regions of the bats. Hang some in these areas, and see the bats leave in almost no time. The hangings not only cause a chime-like sound when they move in the wind, but also work as great reflective surfaces – both the sound and the light will cause disturbance to the bats and keep them away.

12. Mylar balloons

This is easily one of the most effective home remedies for keeping bats away from the house. Once all the bats have left, hang Mylar balloons, filled with helium of course, at the entry points and around the roosting areas to ensure that the bats do not enter the house upon their return. If kept in constant motion, the balloons will surely chase them away.

13. Mirrors

Mirrors work on the same principle as aluminium foil. Hang small mirrors in the nesting regions and use sufficient amounts of light to light up these areas. The reflection will disturb the bats and keep them away.

14. Ultrasonic sound emitter devices

Although these are believed to not be very effective in keeping away bats, they are worth a try.

15. Christmas décor

This is a strange solution, but the bright, blingy bulbs, balls, and other glitzy material will irritate the bats and prevent them from entering their nesting regions, if placed or hung around the entry points.

16. Check valve

Check valves, allowing only one-way movement, if installed at the entry points, will ensure that the bats leave and cannot return. Once they have left, seal the areas well.

17. Bat houses

Install bat houses to remove the creatures from your house, while also ensuring they have a safe place to rest and feed in.

18. Fiberglass insulation

Fiberglass is a material that irritates bats, so if it is tacked in the areas where they have been found to roost, chances are they will leave.

19. Insecticides

This will get rid of the bats indirectly. Ensuring that your home is free of insects will most likely keep bats away.


  • Use naphthalene or moth balls as a repellent
  • Use pesticides to get rid of them only if it is legal where you live
  • Install bat houses after sealing and repairing
  • Remove or cover still water sources around the house
  • Cut dried up trees in and around the house to destroy potential residing areas


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