Home Insect & Pet Remedy 18 Simple and Effective Home Remedies For Getting Rid of Pigeons Fast

18 Simple and Effective Home Remedies For Getting Rid of Pigeons Fast

Home Remedies For Getting Rid of Pigeons Fast

Are you tired of often being surrounded by clusters of pigeons? Have a group of pigeons made a nest inside your home and are bringing in dust and shedding feathers all over the place? While beautiful creatures in themselves, pigeons often overstay their welcome and can quickly become a nuisance. They make a mess and move about causing inconvenience to all around them. Pigeons can be found everywhere – in cities as well as in suburban areas. The most worrisome part about it all is that most pigeons carry parasites and diseases with them, which can make them even dangerous to keep around. They are noisy creatures leave their feces all over the place, which can damage fine furniture and attracts other vermin such as mice, rats etc. Read on to find out the best and most effective home remedies for getting rid of pigeons.

Causes – What Attracts Pigeons?

  • Hospitable Environment – Pigeons usually enter a house seeking a comfortable and perchable habitat during a hot and dry season, or during heavy rain.
  • Ancestry – The association of pigeons with human beings has been long and endless. They have no fear of humans and it is believed that pigeons are drawn to any place or land which resembles the hillside homes of their ancestors.
  • Landscape – Pigeons are often attracted to vegetable gardens patio plants.
  • Balconies – Balconies and open spaces provide a perfect spot for pigeons to breed and safely form a nest.
  • Food Hunt – Spreading food items and bread crumbs attracts pigeons. They end up returning to the same place over and over again to find food.
  • Entry Through Gaps – Pigeons usually sneak in through cracks, large gaps, and vents and form a nest.

Pigeons can often cause infections, external parasites, lice and worms, respiratory problems and Coccidia. Following are the symptoms:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Pain the stomach can be a symptom of intestinal worms
  • Itching
  • Skin rash or irritation can be a sign of bird mites
  • Swelling

You can also check if the pigeons in and around your house are infected. Infected birds show signs of weight loss, increased thirst or in some cases, complete loss of appetite, ruffled feathers and diarrhea.

Home Recipes to Get Rid of Pigeons

    1. Trash Free House – Make sure that no food items and scraps are just lying about. Pigeons get attracted to open trash cans as well, so if you are looking to keep pigeons at bay, monitor your trash and keep them off!
    2. Homemade Deterrents – To discourage pigeons from entering your house and forming a nest, sprinkle some spices, chili powder or black pepper around the vents and on your balconies and patios. These organic deterrents can keep pigeons off and is usually considered one of the best solutions for preventing pigeons from creating a mess.
    3. Install spikes – Are you wondering how to get rid of pigeons on your roof? Installing bird spikes is a simple and often preferred home hack for keeping pigeons away.
    4. Repellents – Use natural bird repellents such as black pepper on window sill to get rid of pigeons.
    5. Barrier – This is one of the most convenient remedies for warding away pigeons. Putting up barriers at entry points, such as, in the vents, on the ceiling of the balcony, etc., will restrict the movement of pigeons into your house. Block any gaps that you feel might provide a comfortable space for pigeons to stay in using cloth or spikes or any other item from your home.
    6. Monitor Gaps – If you choose not to put up barriers, you must monitor all shelter and entry points, gaps and entry points regularly. Keep them clean and put naphthalene balls around, if possible, to avoid the entry of pigeons into your house.
    7. Ultrasonic Devices – Many people make use of ultrasonic waves and devices to scare pigeons off using ultrasound technology. This method is most commonly used in commercial buildings and by farmers in their agricultural fields. It is now increasingly being used in houses as well owing to its effectiveness.
    8. Hang CDs or Wind Chimes – The best pigeon control method is to use shiny objects to scare pigeons off. If you hang CDs or wind chimes on your balcony, with the movement of the wind, the CD or wind chime will turn and the sun rays will fall upon it, causing a glare which will keep them away. Use of reflective objects is one of the best home remedies for getting rid of pigeons. And in most cases, once they are wary of the place, they tend not to come back and visit the same spot. Follow this to get rid of pigeons on balcony.
    9. Clean Water – If you are someone who regularly feeds birds and likes to keep a bowl of water outside on summer days to help out thirsty birds, make sure that you keep the water in those bowls clean at all times to avoid infections in birds. Put fresh water at regular intervals and clean the bowl thoroughly every day.
    10. Sprinkle Honey Solution – This is an often followed natural remedy for keeping pigeons away. Many people sprinkle some honey solution to naturally ward off pigeons. Pigeons stay away because of the stickiness that comes with the honey solution
  1. Use Water Hose – Use water hose or natural water guns to prevent pigeons and keep them off your property. Make sure you do not harm the pigeons and gently shoot them away using a water hose.
  2. Rice – Did you know that cooked rice cannot be consumed by pigeons? It makes their stomach bloat. Sprinkle some on your balcony or porch today to avoid pigeons.
  3. Get A Pet – Pigeons are scared of pets and generally tend to not wander around areas with a dog or a cat around. Get a pet to keep pigeons off your property.
  4. Rubber or Plastic Snakes – An often followed home remedy for getting rid of pigeons, scattering some rubber snakes has proved to work against pigeons and keep them off. You can also use some plastic toys with shape of animals to scare the pigeons off.
  5. Use Perfumes or Incense – pigeons are generally repelled by some smells. Use organic perfumes and incense to create an inhospitable environment and avoid pigeons.
  6. Use Bird Nets – Using bird nets usually keeps pigeons off a property. Bird nets are easily available everywhere. Get one to avoid pigeons today.
  7. Avoid Feeding Them – Pigeons are very habitual birds. Once you start feeding pigeons, they will come back on the same spot every day for food. You must be extra careful and avoid feeding them from your property if you do not want a bird nest on your balcony the net day.
  8. Remove The Nest – Make your home environment absolutely inhospitable for the pigeons. If they have made a nest near your vent or on your balcony, clear it out today, to avoid pigeons from coming back over and over again to your house.


  • Maintain cleanliness.
  • Wear gloves and masks while cleaning up pigeon feces to avoid infections.
  • Clean water in the bowls.
  • Seal off entry points using tape.
  • Pest control.


  1. I never knew that pigeons have no fear of humans. We recently moved to a new apartment with a courtyard and pigeons have been swarming it. Thanks for the bird control tips.


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