Treating Kidney Stones with the Right Diet

Treating Kidney Stones with the Right Diet

A healthy kidney is just as important as a healthy heart which is why it is absolutely necessary to ensure that you eat right and exercise to avoid any major disorders. Commonly found kidney disorders like kidney stones lead to a number of troublesome symptoms like swollen feet, difficulty in urinating, bloated stomach etc. Individuals who suffer from kidney problems have a higher risk of developing cardiac conditions. Kidneys play a vital role in our body flushing out toxins and regulating blood pressure. Kidney stones, also known as renal calculi are caused due to accumulation of dietary supplements that change into crystalline form which affects the kidney’s functions. So to reduce kidney stones foods rich in minerals are natural remedies to consider for a home treatment –

1. Broccoli

To remove kidney stones vegetables like Broccoli, which is rich in Vitamin C and also consists of high fibers, are great home remedies. It helps neutralize toxic components in the liver and keeps the kidneys healthy and functioning. Supplement your body with cruciferous vegetables like Broccoli that contain minerals like magnesium that counteracts oxalate ions and prevents kidney stones from developing.

2. Lemon

Consuming a glass of fresh lemon juice each morning can easily help evade kidney stones since it alkalizes your body. You can also try apple cider vinegar which quickly dissolves kidney stones keeping your body free from toxin accumulation. You can consume 12 oz glass of water that contains organic 2 table spoons of olive oil and 2 oz of lemon juice at the first symptom of kidney stones.

3. Garlic

Garlic is a natural healing ingredient found in every kitchen that contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Diuretic effect helps flush out free radicals that affect the kidneys and Vitamin B6 prevents urinary oxalate levels in the kidneys. It helps reduce struvite kidney stones since it promotes the production of nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide that relaxes blood vessels.

4. Cabbage

Another leafy vegetable that you should add to your diet should be cabbage that is loaded with phytochemicals. Such key components strengthen the body’s immunity, fight off free radicals, decrease carcinogenic compounds and remove toxins efficiently. Presence of phytate prevents the crystallization of calcium salts which is a general cause for kidney stone production.

5. Pomegranate

Avoiding foods high in oxalate is a common medical recommendation therefore it is important to consume super foods like Pomegranate juice or seeds that reduce acidity in the urine. Take half a mug of water, pomegranate seeds mixed with a cup of horse gram and cook to form a broth. Pomegranate soup basically is a natural astringent that eliminates kidney stones.

6. Apples

One of the healthiest fruits to consume every day to avoid kidney stones is Apple -, high in fiber and a well known anti-inflammatory agent. Research has found that apple juice which produces citrate juice lowers acidity in the urine and reduces development of kidney stones. Apples help control cholesterol deposition and prevent constipation. You can always consume apples in the form of a juice or have it raw in salads to maintain a healthy kidney.

7. Blueberries

Blueberries contain a popular antioxidant called anthocyanin, which avails Vitamin C and high fibers to the body. They’re also rich in manganese that helps in the development of bones. Kidney stones can be reduced by consuming blueberries because of its analgesic properties that regulate functions effectively.

8. Strawberries

Known to contain a compound called ellagic acid, strawberries are fresh and healthy fruits that can be consumed in a dessert or eaten raw. They ward off carcinogenic substances that prevent development of cancerous cells. Rich in manganese, fiber and Vitamin C, you can always combine fresh milk and strawberry for a wholesome breakfast.

9. Olive Oil

In many countries food is generally cooked in olive oil, an expensive yet healthy consumable that prevents a number of health conditions. To prevent any kidney disease, food cooked in olive oil, which is the healthiest source of oleic acid, is one of the best home remedies to consider. It also maintains anti-inflammatory properties that ensures proper kidney functioning.

10. Egg Whites

The best food to consume in case of kidney failure is egg white that is low in phosphorus content and abundant in high quality protein. The yolk however should be avoided since it applies a lot of pressure on the kidneys. Proteins have essential amino acids required for the purpose of repairing and mending damaged tissues.

11. Fish

Another non-vegetarian supplement part of your diet should be fish that is rich in proteins and contains large amount of omega 3 fatty acids. If you want your kidneys to function properly, consuming fish is an excellent form of reducing heart ailments and eliminating toxins from the blood. Fish is the healthiest dish on the menu, a lean meat (cold water fish) that can be served with chunks of tofu for increased effects.

12. Red Grapes

Who says you can’t consume red wine instead? Red grapes if consumed raw are the healthiest supplements to add into your diet if you’re suffering from kidney stones. Grapes increase the level of oxygen in the blood because of the presence of a flavonoid called reservatol that also promotes nitric oxide production for improved blood flow.

13. Cranberries

Everybody knows that if the kidneys are infected or if the body suffers from UTI, cranberry juice is a natural food with tremendous healing properties. Various kidney-related problems can be addressed by consuming cranberry juice. Apart from eliminating carcinogenic agents in the blood, cranberry juice is the best form of consuming the super food that reduces risk of brushite and struvite kidney stones.

14. Nuts

Research states that kidney stones can be decreased by adding calcium into your diet and one of the sources are Nuts. Dietary calcium in nuts binds with calcium oxalate and crystallizes the substance before it changes to kidney stones and eventually flushes it out of the system. Other recommended super foods rich in calcium are cruciferous vegetables, milk and butter.

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