Effective Home Remedies for Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief

How to Get Rid of Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom teeth are form part of the human dental orientation and usually develop at an adult stage in the human life usually between the ages of 17 and 25 years though on some instances may delay further. Its growth has been widely associated with pain but on other cases, there has been no pain in the growth and development stages of the teeth.


The wisdom teeth development brings about a physical state of pain which is on some cases unbearable and damaging to the gums especially if does not fully emerge into the jaw space. This condition can cause swelling and sometimes makes it difficult to move the jaws and develop leading to immense pain.

Cause of the Wisdom Tooth Pain

It is the last teeth to grow and is positioned at the furthest back of the jaws and this may however tend to interrupt the other teeth positions depending on the jaw size. The jaw space is limited and with other teeth already in place and the emergence and development of the wisdom teeth results in to pressure and that is what causes the pain in the mouth. The teeth are relatively large, the space on the jaw will not comfortably accommodate the wisdom teeth therefore interrupting the already placed teeth, and this is what causes the pain and discomfort.


  1. Jaw stiffness
  2. Swelling gum tissues
  3. Adjacent teeth pain
  4. Bad taste in mouth
  5. Headache

How to Get Rid of Wisdom Tooth Pain- Home Remedies

The pain created can however be reduced or completely done away with at home without necessarily having to visit a physician or dentist. Some simple steps are readily available substances within the house will assist in the curing.
Wisdom Tooth Pain Home Remedy
1. Cleaning and Brushing

Most basic of this fast home relief procedures include general cleaning of the mouth and the affected area using an ideal soft brush with toothpaste and warm water especially after meals as that is when food remains are trapped in between teeth. This really helps in eliminating germs that cause infections and this ought to be done regularly perhaps twice a day or more. Mouthwash, which penetrates easily to the affected area since it is of liquid state contains antiseptic, which removes the germs and bacteria and is useful in relieving the inflammatory. All these are almost a regular day activities and are very easy to execute.

2. Salt

Use of a salt dissolved in warm water is also very helpful in the pain removal. The solution of salt and warm water is a natural antiseptic as it contains iodine; primarily in the salt; which with its anti-bacterial property which washes away bacteria and kills germs which is the main inflammatory causing microorganisms. About a half glass of the solution can be used.

3. Common Cooking Supplies (Onion)

Common cooking supplies can be used in the cure, a perfect homemade solution that can help get rid of the pain. Onions contain chemicals with anti-microbial properties, a slice of it can be chewed, and the juice it produces mixed with saliva will help kill microorganisms in the affected area and over sometime the pain will be gone.

4. Garlic

The garlic is to be chewed or ground and the juice produced concentrated around the affected area. Garlic is preferably more useful in this case as it contains both anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory elements, which help to reduce swelling and for pain relief respectively.

5. Ginger

Ginger also is a cure to effect, it contains anti-bacterial properties that will get rid of bacteria and stop the infections and stop the swelling. A combination of the different ingredients can however be an option as well for instant relief.

6. Clove

Another combination of ground clove and olive oil when applied to the painful areas will treat the pain and bring relief.

7. Use of a Finger

Another way of relieving the pain is by way of a physical massage of the gums by use of a finger. The massage should be gentle this will calm the nerves and the pain will be suppressed and eventually However, first the hands must be very clean and disinfected probably just to reduce the chance of germ infection. Choosing the right kind of food to eat is also an easy way of curing the wisdom teeth problem though however limiting it is. Avoid very hard foods that might cause more physical damage in the wisdom teeth area as the food has to be chewed. In case of elevated pain, over the counter pain killers if available can be used or a visit to the physician.

8. Ice Pack

This is easily available thing in home. Applying an ice pack on effected area can provide you immediate relief in wisdom tooth pain.