Amazing Epsom Salt Bath to Lose Weight – How to Take One, What It Does

Amazing Epsom Salt Bath to Lose Weight

Being overweight is common, but even then, it is not a great health status. No living being wants to go this path. Because of the many health risks involved, every person with weight problems wish there is something they could do to get rid of the problem, even now. And you are overweight for different reasons, from sedentary lifestyles to eating junk that add what nutritionists call “nonsense” to your body.  Unfortunately, for us, we are going to have to deal with this weight loss “jungle” for almost the rest of our lives. No one knows how it will take before people learn to keep fit and eat well, maybe until we have the 21st century ancestors.

There are numerous techniques of circumventing weight gain and stripping a few pounds of your weight to get that optimal size. They include dieting, the use of pills and use of Epsom salt bath to lose weight. Epsom salt has drummed up support to its side over the recent days and studies have indicated that it does more than helping you lose weight. It has benefits for the digestive system, the skin and general health.

Epsom salt has its scientific name as Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate and is known to consist of 10% magnesium and 13% of sulfur. This salt comes in clear crystals and its name is derived from the place it was first discovered – Epsom in England. Magnesium plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy cell functioning along with adding up to the regulation of more than three hundred body enzymes. Deficiency in body magnesium levels is known to lead to heart attacks, hypertension, headaches and numerous other medical complications.

Sulfate on its part helps in the maintenance of overall body health along with ensuring healthy nails, hair, and skin and is important in the synthesis of collagen, which is essential for a healthy and young skin.

Ways to Use Epsom Salt

The major way Epsom salt is utilized is via having an Epsom salt bath. Dissolving magnesium sulfate in water creates a static electrical field that is also unified and plays a crucial role in pulling out various toxins from the body’s fatty cells. The use of this salt by mouth is discouraged since a single tablespoonful of it contains more than one hundred times the maximum dosage for safe human consumption. A good Epsom salt bath is suggested to contain between five hundred to six hundred grams for a single bath while an excess is known to be more of a waste.

Preparation of Epsom Salt Bath

Preparation of Epsom salt begins with filling a bathtub with water. For the start, it is encouraged that two teaspoonfuls of this salt be used in the bath followed by gradual increases to a cup or two. The salt is added while the water is being filled. One can add up any other essential oil, as they need, though some studies have indicated that such bath oils may reduce the effectiveness of this salt. One can also add in vinegar or baking soda as they find it fit.

Once the bath is full, one is advised to soak themselves in for about twenty to thirty minutes and not more. One can also take a drink with them during the soaking for a comfortable bath though indications of hyperactivity, irritability could be noticed in the early stages especially when the dosage has been exceeded. Such symptoms are bound to be amplified when the stated ratings are bypassed and thus starting on a low note will help smoothen the sailing. It is highly advised that the Epsom salt bath be used only three to four times a week though for milder doses one may choose to have them for their daily baths. It is imperative to remember drinking plenty of water after the bath to put back the drained volumes so you maintain optimal water levels in the body cells.

The use of Epsom salt bath is however restricted for persons in pregnancy, those with heart complications, high blood pressure, the diabetics along with kidney diseases.

Mode of Working

People want to know how a product works before they buy it and the Epsom salt is not an exception. They also want to be sure of the effectiveness of the product, as no one wants to spend money on remedies that are not effective enough.

Epsom salt is quickly absorbed through the skin when immersed in a bath. The salt works by forcing out numerous kinds of toxins, which include but are not limited to phosphorous, nitrogenous wastes and sodium. This process of detoxification optimizes the body’s metabolic rate and allows for quicker burning of fat, which in turn leads to significant weight cuts.

In most cases persons start sweating it out in the water after it has cooled down, so spending a few minutes in the water bath even after cooling will help cleanse the skin to rid it of the ejected toxins.

Different Epsom Salt Baths for Weight Loss

There exists three major classes of Epsom and this is majorly dependent on the kind of essential oils that are added to the bath.

Epsom Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar

A vinegar bath can be made by having additions of apple cider vinegar to the bath water along with Epsom salt and this should be maintained at a ratio of two to one. This kind of bath has the added advantage of relieving most of the joint and muscle pains.

Baking Soda and Epsom Salt

It is possible to add baking soda to Epsom salt to make a suitable bath altogether.  Fill the water tub with a good amount of water and then add Epsom salt in it. The solution is good enough for a bath but you should use a soft sponge to rub the skin when taking a bath.

Ginger And Epsom Salt

Adding 1/8 cup ginger powder to the Epsom salt bath helps open up the pores of the skin and thus accelerate the rate of toxin expulsion. This remedy will work well when the bath water is at relatively high temperatures. Simply add two to three spoonfuls of ginger to the water tub followed by an equal amount of Epsom salt before immersing in it for thirty minutes.

While the major use of Epsom salt bath is to reduce body weight. The solution is also great in that it can be of help in the following areas:

  • This bath helps cure most minor skin injuries and restore a fine looking skin along with stemming out headaches and muscle pains.
  • People who take this bath regularly also indicate lower stress levels.
  • People who lose weight through this method are less likely to gain it back soon as long as they stick to a good diet and proper exercise.
  • It cures constipation.
  • It minimize blood clot.
  • It eliminates the chances of stroke.


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