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Mother Nature has the keys to the trickiest of modern day health problems; all you need is the right remedy.

Who Am I?

A reader, a speaker, a thinker, a doer, and someone who believes in the healing tough of nature – that’s me…. I’m aged 25, have recently completed Post Graduation. Honestly, this blog is a result of the experiences that life has had in store for me, and a humble attempt at sharing with you my greatest lessons from life, those about the magical healing power of nature everywhere around us.

My profound devotion to the use of natural home remedies stems from the fact that my mother is a Naturopathic practitioner, or a naturalist, if you will. I remember how she used to rely on natural remedies, which she swore could cure anything from colds to cancer! And now I realize just how right my mom was to bank on home remedies instead of all those chemical-based tablets and antibiotics. She was my inspiration, as well as my pillar of support as she helped me with all the recipes and ingredients involved in creating natural miracle workers! That and my love for the English language got me to start publishing numerous articles regarding the miraculous effects of everyday kitchen items.

Another factor that drew me close to nature and its bountiful plenty was the fact that my grandparents live in our ancestral village, a place known for its love for nature and its gifts. Many of my uncles and cousins have worked in the IT industry; in fact, despite our rural roots, we are strongly connected to the global IT grid. Apart from being a naturalist myself, I’m also an avid cyclist and love expressing myself over the web..

I’m not a doctor by any capacity, but I hope that my experiences and those of my wise mother will come to light and benefit those suffering from numerous ailments and sicknesses. My mission is to spread the immense knowledge out there, possessed by expert of natural studies, such as my mother, and in the process, am also looking to restore faith in the roots of our culture, which was known to rely heavily on natural and therapeutic remedies.

Those who depend of pharmaceutical companies to get better should know that the benefits of using home remedies are more than just old wives tales. Of course, it cannot be ignored that not all natural home remedies will work, or will work the same for everyone. But with the proper knowledge and right mix of things, you can stir up some wondrous concoctions.

Why I Started This Home Remedies site?

I began this self-help website was because of the numerous health problems I faced as a teenager, some of which could not even be diagnosed by doctors. Fed up of my deteriorating state at such an early age, I began turning more towards my mother’s home remedial advice, which gave me a natural solution for all my problems. Years later, I’m a much healthier person now and my passion to spread this truth is fueled by my desire to contribute to the world.

A life event that truly changed me was the sad case of one of my childhood friend, who was mistakenly, prescribed some strong antibiotics that eventually restricting the absorption of nutrients to his body, until an extended course of herbal medication restored his health. Then, a few years back, my own grandmother began reeling under the effects of high blood pressure, for which our doctors said she could not be given prescription drugs owing to her old age. But my mother’s home made concoction of lime, honey and ginger, administered religiously every day for over 6 months, has left my granny with stable blood pressure and no medication!

My basic goal is to help everybody to live a life where in nature talks care of their ailments. I offer home remedies for sicknesses, obesity, beauty, fitness & health, dietary remedies for weight loss. The site even has a separate section for home remedies for pet ailments like dog infections, and natural pest control remedies.

What Does This Website Have To Say?

The Whole Idea Behind Sharing This With The World

My guides on natural home remedies are highly effective at speeding the rate of recovery from various illnesses and can even prevent them from occurring. The recipes for the various home remedies that I’ve compiled on my website are a combination of various herbs and supplements, and also include numerous lifestyle changes to make sure that you stay in the best of health.

I’m also an avid researcher of various herbs and natural medicines, and have a particular interest in the therapeutic effects of exotic plants. Many of my relatives are doctors, and all of them have provided their unofficial consensus that my home remedies are indeed genuine, and can be effectively used in cases where conventional medicines do not work, or are not recommended.

Throughout my life, I’ve observed that natural remedies have profound effectiveness in helping humans overcome all kinds of diseases and discomforts.  I might also add here that I have read quite extensively on the miraculous effect of natural herbs, flowers, seeds, and spices in curing a broad spectrum of ailments and illnesses. Another factor that ensures credibility of my publications is that I’m a part of my mother’s naturalist club, of whom she is the head. So, many of my remedies are based on the decades of collective experience and knowledge of nearly a dozen wise women!

My knowledgeable mother also possesses a vast library of books on plants, herbs & roots, and the various remedial effects that they have on a number of light to moderate illnesses. For the problems that my mother and her group are unable to recommend appropriate remedies for, I do thorough research into a number of medical books and online medical help websites, until I can come up with a conclusive home remedy for that particular ailment. In fact, most of my time on the web is dedicated to staying in touch with news from the world of herbal medicines. I’ve subscribed to dozens of YouTube channels pertaining to traditional medicine and home remedies.

Now that you know who I am and what I do, I’d love to get your feedback on any section or particular remedy that you used and how well it worked for you. Sharing your personal experiences will not only make you feel liberated, but will also convince others to join this natural movement. So, feel free to leave a comment, send in a query or just have a random chat about home remedies. Alternately, you can email me anytime at info(@)homeremediescare.com.