25 Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Hives Fast – Fetching Quick Relief

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Hives Fast

You will hardly come across a single individual who has never experienced a ‘hive attack’ in his or her life. The term Urticaria (hives) refers to a common skin condition characterized by the appearance of reddish pink welts or swollen patches/lumps which are slightly raised above the surface of the skin.

Even though these ‘hives’ tend to vary in terms of shape and size, the sufferer ends up having a really tough time due to the constant itching or burning sensation. To top it all, the outbreak of Urticaria (hives) occurs without a prior warning and catches you completely unaware! The eruption can last for a few hours, or even a couple of days, depending upon the intensity of the problem.

What could be the underlying causes behind this menace?

A sudden attack of hives can be attributed to multiple reasons. More often than not, it is an allergic reaction triggered by the release of histamine. The exact reason behind the outbreak of bee hives is yet to be ascertained by the medical sciences. Here is a list of possible triggers:

  • Gluten, nuts, milk, egg, soy, shellfish, tomatoes and certain other edibles
  • Chemical products such as talcum powder, perfumes and sprays
  • Aspirin, ibuprofen, ACE inhibitors and certain other medicines
  • Sudden changes in climatic condition
  • Strong emotions
  • Insect bites or stings

Discovering the common symptoms of Urticaria (hives)

  • Batches of reddish pink welts on different parts of the body
  • Itching and swelling
  • The welts change shape, disappear and return mysteriously
  • Burning sensation in the palms, feet, around the eyes
  • Tendency to flare up with heat, humidity or emotional excitement
  • Unpredictable and repetitive patterns

Try these natural remedies at home for alleviating your discomfort

It is needless to elaborate how the frequent appearance of such hives on the face and body can severely affect a victim’s life by interfering in his or her routine activities. The sufferer is often compelled to postpone commitments and remain indoors till the situation gets better.

In order to figure out a permanent solution for chronic Urticaria (hives) it is essential to trace the root of the issue. But this can be an extremely time-consuming process since it would require a series of pathological examinations and consequently, a number of visits to the physician. Fortunately, there are several natural remedies which can easily be tried out at home to get rid of hives quickly. These home remedies for getting rid of hives not only help in relieving your symptoms, but can also double up as preventive measures. Treat hives naturally with these effective solutions mentioned below:

1. Cool bath

A refreshing shower or a cool bath is undoubtedly one of the easiest remedies for hive itch relief. Water therapy can be really effective when it comes to relieving your skin from the throes of inflammation. Avoid bathing in hot water during the spells of Urticaria (hives).

2. Cold compress

The application of ice packs or cold packs happens to be one of the most popular home remedies for getting rid of hives. Instead of an ice pack you can also use a frozen vegetable package. Wrap a thin layer of cloth around the cold pack and gently press on the affected regions of your body. Do this thrice a day, but keep the application time limited to 10 minutes, or else you might start feeling numb.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the best home remedies for getting rid of hives. Consumption of aloe vera juice on a regular basis tremendously aids in the detoxifying process. However, drinking aloe vera juice is not recommended for children, as well as pregnant or lactating women.

Gently massage fresh aloe vera gel onto your skin and let it remain for about 15 minutes. Rinse off with water. Repeat this a couple of times in a day to cure hives fast.

4. Baking soda

Sodium bi-carbonate or baking soda is easily available and helps to treat hives quickly. Take a teaspoon of this soda and dissolve it in water. Apply in generous quantities all over your arms, neck and other parts of the body with eruptions.

5. Basil

Get instant relief from skin inflammation and those bouts of itching with the help of this powerful natural antihistamine. Place a tablespoon of basil leaves (dried) in a clean jar. Pour some hot water. Keep the jar covered and let it cool. Take a piece of dry cotton cloth and dab the patches of bee hives with this mixture.

6. Oatmeal paste

Oatmeal is always gentle on your skin and considered to be quite beneficial for baby hives. Take 2 cups of oatmeal and mix it with sufficient water for preparing a smooth paste. Add two tablespoons of cornstarch to the mixture and blend well. Slather this paste on your skin and let it remain for 15 to 20 minutes before washing off.

7. Milk of magnesia

Milk of magnesia is another dependable solution for the sufferers of urticaria, especially in the context of hive itch relief. You can apply this solution on the patches or welts for getting rid of the terrible itchy sensation. Avoid irritating the delicate skin by scratching with fingernails.

8. Tea bag

For their soothing properties, tea bags are highly recommended for hive itch relief. Place the tea bag for about 10 minutes in boiled water. Give some cooling time before applying on the patches of welts. Continue for 15-20 minutes.

9. Mint

Because of its anti-oxidant and cooling properties, mint is one of the most sought after ingredients for dealing with baby hives. Crush a handful of fresh mint leaves. Take two teaspoons and steep in boiling water for a few minutes. Refrigerate the liquid after straining. Wash the affected areas with this cool water 5-6 times a day for immense relief.

10. Apple cider vinegar

Treat hives naturally with the healing properties of apple cider vinegar. Adding a couple of cups to your bathtub can fetch relief during an Urticaria (hives) attack. Immerse your body for 15-20 minutes.

You can also prepare a concoction by mixing a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and a few drops of honey (for taste) in a glass of water. Consume this liquid twice daily for visible results.

11. Epsom salt

It is possible to cure hives fast with the help of Epsom salt. Dissolve liberal portions of Epsom salt in lukewarm water and allow our body to soak in its fullest goodness for about 20 minutes. Repeat this on every alternate day. Stay away from chemical soaps or oils during this therapy.

12. Jewelweed

Jewelweed is another effective option to cure hives fast. Get hold of jewelweed based solution and spray on the affected patches of your skin. Jewelweed lotions can be equally beneficial in this regard. Gently dab the lotion on your hives. Be careful since vigorous rubbing can irritate your skin further.

13. Oatmeal bath

Take a few tablespoons of finely powdered oatmeal and dissolve it in your bath water. Oatmeal bath has always been one of the most common home remedies for getting rid of hives along with many other irritating skin problems. As an alternative, you can also wrap a few tablespoons of oatmeal in a very thin cloth and hold it under the tap. The strained water harnesses the benefits of oatmeal without you having to brush away the flakes.

14. Ginger

Due to its excellent anti-inflammatory properties, ginger has always been a trusted ingredient for addressing a number of diverse physical complications. It can also act as an anti-histamine to get rid of hives quickly. Take a fresh piece of ginger root and peel off its skin. Dabbing it onto the patches of inflamed skin fetches relief from those stingy bee hives. For a cool touch, you might consider refrigerating the ginger prior to use.

Drinking ginger tea or chewing fresh ginger gives your immunity a boost.

15. Turmeric

Being an outstanding anti-inflammatory agent, the role of turmeric is absolutely incomparable when it comes to dealing with inflammatory conditions. It is a potent natural anti-histamine and helps to get rid of hives quickly. Add a teaspoon of powdered turmeric to a glass of water or milk. Consume this on a regular basis.

Try to make turmeric a part of your daily recipes for deriving maximum benefits. But avoid the intake of turmeric if you are on blood thinners prescribed by your physician.

16. Chinese skullcap

Chinese skullcap is rich in flavonoids which are anti-inflammatory as well as anti-allergic. It helps in stabilizing ‘allergen overload’ and relieves ‘damp heat’ conditions like fever and hives.

17. Peanut oil

When gently rubbed on the lesions, peanut oil can speed up the process of healing.

18. Calamine lotion

Slathering the affected areas with calamine lotion from time to time can fetch temporary relief from the skin irritation.

19. Nettle

Nettle belongs to the list of natural antihistamines and it possesses anti-inflammatory qualities too. It is highly recommended for hive itch relief and it also eliminates the edema. You can add a tablespoon of nettle leaf (dried) to a cup containing hot water. Steep for 15 minutes after covering, and strain the liquid. Add a few drops of honey and try to consume this twice daily.

20. Bromelain

This particular enzyme found in fresh pineapples is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It eliminates hives and several other forms of skin irritation by reducing your system’s allergic response. Directly apply on inflamed skin for a positive outcome.

21. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper can initiate the process of healing by relieving swelling.

22. Brown sugar-vinegar-ginger solution

Add a tablespoon of ginger and 1/4th cup of brown sugar to 3/4th cup of vinegar. Boil this mixture for some time and allow it to cool. Dissolve small quantities of this solution in lukewarm water and dab it on the hives on your face and body.

23. Licorice

Licorice increases the levels of cortisone and has terrific anti-inflammatory plus anti-viral properties. Opt for a lotion containing licorice extracts.

24. Green tea

With its high polyphenol and flavonoid content, this active anti-oxidant performs wonders for your immune system and eliminates all sorts of allergic inflammations, such as hives.

Try replacing your cup of coffee or tea early in the morning with lukewarm water containing squeezed lemon juice. This is particularly beneficial for expelling toxins from your system.

Prevention is better than cure

Besides adopting home remedies for getting rid of hives, these simple precautions can play a vital role in keeping you safe from future attacks of Urticaria (hives):

  • Stay away from hot water
  • Go for loose-fitted garments of soft, natural fabrics
  • Maintain a record of your hive triggers such as gluten or deodorant, and steer clear of such items
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Work on reducing your stress levels

If your symptoms persist longer than usual and are accompanied by dizziness, painful swelling of tongue, lips or inside the throat (angioedema), tightness in your chest and breathing trouble, then you must seek medical attention right away.


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