14 Effective Home Remedies for Curing Bad Breath in Dogs

Home Remedies for Curing Bad Breath in Dogs

Getting a dog is a full time job, and when it comes to the well-being of your dog you must leave no stone unturned, from proper diet to rigorous exercise and grooming you need to take care of it all. Also known as Halitosis, bad breath is a common problem among dogs caused by bacterial infection in the mouth, lungs or the gut. And although occasional bad breath is considered normal, it might be something serious if the condition persists. Persistent bad breath is an indication that there is something wrong with your dog. Given below are some effective home remedies for getting rid of bad breath in dogs:

What causes bad breath in dogs?

There is nothing better than to cuddle with your puppy, however it becomes a bit uncomfortable if your dog’s breath stinks. Many a times you puppy might have eaten something stale or is out getting dirty that causes the bad odor. Consult a vet if there’s some causes behind bad breath. Some of them are listed below:

  • Dental or gum disease
  • Bacterial infection
  • Old age
  • Some alterations in the diet
  • Serious medical condition in the internal organs

Some common symptoms to look out for

Canine foul odor can be easily detected; however it is best that you look out for these other symptoms if your dog has prolonged bad breath.

  • A sudden change in breath smell, i.e. if it becomes unusually foul
  • In case of extremely sweet breath, get him checked for diabetes
  • Dental plaque or tartar
  • If the breath smells like fish or urine,
  • Yellowish eyes and weak gums
  • Vomiting and diarrhoea
  • Inactiveness and lack of appetite

How to get rid of dog bad breath? 14 home remedies:

Other than the medicines and dog bad breath sprays recommended by the vet there are also some home treatment methods you can adopt. Check out these simple and easy to follow home remedies for getting rid of bad breath among dogs:

Natural cures

1. Apple cider vinegar

Using apple cider vinegar for treating bad breath is popular choice among dog owners. Rich in anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties, this mixture kills all the germs inside the mouth and also cleanses the gut and other organs. For best results add half a tsp of apple cider vinegar to your dog’s water bowl.

2. Herbs

Using Margosa or coriander leaves is a practical solution for dealing with canine bad breath. You can get herbal toothpaste or make a paste of different herbs and use it to clean your dog’s mouth. Also getting your dog to chew on some peppermint leaves can be an effective way fighting bad breath.

3. Parsley

Green, fresh and herbal, parsley is a pretty effective herbal cure for treating bad breath in dogs. Add it to your dog’s food, or water for instant effects. You can also make your own parsley spray, boil parsley bunch in water and collect it in a bottle, spray this near your pup’s mouth.

4. Carrots

Nutritious and replete with vitamins and minerals, carrots strengthen the muscles, bones and are also great for the oral health of your dog. They strengthen the teeth and gums, also all the rigorous chewing results in increased saliva production. Thus it effectively cleans the mouth and fights bad odor.

5. Lemons

This is among the easiest and most commonly used home remedies for getting rid of canine bad breath. Lemon is rich in vitamin C and citrus acid that destroys bacterial accumulation and leaves the mouth fresh and odor free. Add few drops of lime juice to your dog’s water bowl, it cleanses his mouth and palette.

Grooming and dietary changes

6. Reduce the meat intake

Cutting down on the meat intake works wonders you’ll notice an instant improvement in your dog’s breath! And although canines love meat, it is your responsibility to feed him balanced meals; add rice, milk and green veggies to his diet. Usually brown rice is ideally suited for dogs as it is high on fibre and easy to digest.

7. Lots of drinking water

Ensure that your dog has fresh drinking water and clean drinking bowl at all times. Water naturally cleanses the mouth, and is one of the easiest home remedies for eliminate bad breath in dogs. Water moistens the mouth and enhances the saliva production inside the mouth also it rinses the small food particles stuck to the insides.

8. Consider the flavour and type of dog food

If you notice a sudden change in your dog’s breath then it is time you look into what he eats. Keep an eye out for him, animals are curious and innocent by nature, your dog might have chewed on some garlic or other strong odor substance. You can also get him flavoured dog food, that rids him of his bad breath

9. Get him chew toys

Every dog loves chew toys! Tough, hard and durable chew toys effectively control the bad odor, it strengthens the gums and rids them of plaque. The repeated chewing motion produces more saliva that cleanses the mouth of small food particles that usually stick on to the teeth. Get your pup loads of chewing toys to keep him busy and healthy.

10. Digestible dog treats

Give your pets dog treats that are high on nutrition and taste, you can make home-made treats for your pup. Add some mint or herb to the dough consisting of oatmeal, flour, butter, fruits, eggs, meat and water. You can even offer him fruits and veggies as treats, carrots, apples etc. boosts immunity.

11. Brush his teeth regularly:

In order to avoid dental problems or cavities, it is necessary that you take utmost care of the oral hygiene of your pet. Brush his teeth regularly to tackle the germ growth and foul odour. There are special brushes and tooth pastes especially for dogs, carefully clean his teeth twice a day for desired results.

12. Get him a big bone!

Treat your dog to a nice, big and crunchy bone, it will keep him busy for hours and also the chewing movements will effectively fight bad breath. Bones serve the same purpose as chew toys, only difference being that bones are tastier and healthier.

13. Probiotics

By including probiotics in your dog’s diet, you are not only improving his digestion but also helping him battle bad breath. You can even try digestive enzymes and anti-bacterial tonics to cleanse the gastrointestinal tracts.

14. Breath mints

Consult your vet before you go in for any breath mints. Available in many flavours and sizes, these mints take effect instantly, ridding your pet of bad breath for a specific period of time. You can easily get some mints from a nearby pet supplies store.

Some precautionary measures to remember:

You can follow these preventive measures to ensure that you dog is healthy and happy:

  • Regular check-ups and visits to the vet
  • Get him lots of water
  • Check the teeth and gums daily for any signs of decay
  • Take care of his overall hygiene, especially oral health
  • Put him on a nutritious and easy to digest diet
  • Get him biteable toys and top quality treats

The bottom line:

A dog is less of a pet and more a part of your family and taking care of his physical and mental health is your responsibility. Don’t let bad odour get in the way of your love, follow the above mentioned home remedies for canine bad breath.


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